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TOS Review: La La Logic's Preschool Curriculum

La La Logic Review

I recently received a Lifetime Membership of the Preschool Curriculum developed by La La Logic to review. I was given 5 student accounts. Lilac Mohr is a homeschool mom to 3 and the brilliant developer of this program.

Basic Product Description
La La Logic is an early learning online preschool curriculum that teaches problem solving, reasoning, logical, critical thinking, and cognitive skills. The curriculum is suitable for children ages 3-6 years old. However, older children can definitely use the curriculum depending on their abilities and interest level.

The curriculum is divided into two parts:
  • Brain Challenges
  • Extra Practice Sessions
Note: The online portion of the curriculum will work on a PC, MAC, iPad, or Android tablet.

Offline Printables
  • Weekly Agendas
  • Worksheets
  • Enrichment Activities
The preschool curriculum contains a total of 100 weekly content lessons divided into 20 sets. Each set consists of 5 weekly lessons.

How I Used La La Logic's Preschool Curriculum?
My daughter, Alyssa (Age 7 1/2) utilized La La Logic's Preschool Curriculum as a way to increase her cognitive and critical thinking skills. She works at an advanced grade level but she still thought the activities were enjoyable and fun. She saw it more as a "reward" for work completed even though I required her to utilize the program at least 3-5 times each week for minimum of 10-15 minutes a day. Our goal was to complete one lesson on a weekly basis. We completed the lessons in sequential order because the material is progressive which means it gradually increases in difficulty. We used Chrome as our Internet browser on a MAC 10.6.8 computer. Adobe Reader was used to access the PDF files.

After logging in, we clicked on the La La Logic Curriculum link listed under my daughter's name. Alyssa would go to the brain challenge under the appropriate "Set" and "Week" on the green blackboard. Then, she clicked on the orange start button which initiated the brain challenge sequence. I supervised the first brain challenge session more out of curiosity and to familiarize myself with the program. Repeated sessions were completed independently. My daughter would frequently leave notes for me to read about the activities she liked and disliked in the white box below. I printed the weekly suggested schedule and any enrichment activities or worksheets by clicking on the blue download button seen below.

I glanced at the suggested agenda for the week. Then, I divided the lessons over a 3-day time period. You can easily spread out the activities to cover a 1-3 year span if desired. Alyssa would complete the same weekly brain challenge at least 3 times per week allowing for repeated exposure.

Each day she would also choose 1-4 extra online practice activities to complete in addition to and following the online brain challenge. She never complained about having to do the extra practice, about it being boring, or about it being too easy. She always said that she had fun and wished she could have more time on the program.

Several printable activities (1-3) were next on the agenda. The daily activities varied each week and there was not a method to my madness. The spontaneous pick and choose method worked well for us. We spent a total of maybe 30 minutes working through both the online and offline material.

If we used the program for more than 3 days, then the continuous mode was utilized on the iPad as we traveled to extracurricular activities or appointments. My daughter also requested La La Logic time during her free time and when she was sick. I would also add in an extra practice session or an enrichment activity if we had time on these days.

A Subscription Includes:
Each lesson includes web-based interactive Brain Challenges and Extra Practice Materials. The two parts can be used separate from one another but they reinforce content if used together.

Brain Challenges
There are 500 online brain challenges included in this program each one lasts approximately 5-10 minutes. The test questions are modeled after IQ tests and based on plasticity research. The session concluded with a "You Did It" celebration finale.

As stated earlier, a continuous mode is also offered for children who want to "play" nonstop without interruptions. It is the perfect option for free exploration of all 500 brain challenges. You can start at the very beginning which is highly recommended or you can start at a specific session.
La La Logic Review
You Did It Finale 
Extra Practice Materials 
The additional online practice gave Alyssa the opportunity to practice a particular skill or type of activity. The downloadable, printable PDF worksheets and enrichment sets consisting of 3-4 pages are available under the "Extra Practice" section.

The extra practice online sessions were short focusing on a specific type of activity such as Shadow Matching, Symbol Identification, Counting, Sorting, and and so forth. The format of these activities were similar to those found in the Brain Challenges except that additional examples were created to further challenge your child. The following activity covers colors, shapes, and positions. Alyssa said that these activities reminded her of brain puzzles. Can you spot the correct answer? I have to admit I really like these activities!
La La Logic Review

The printable worksheets available developed fine motor skills. I saved on ink costs since the worksheets were black and white. Alyssa was asked to color, cut-n-paste, gluing, sequence, match, and categorize items.
Flower Sequencing Online Challenge
Reinforced Learning
Seasonal Shoe Sort and Pair Matching Activity
Categorizing and Sorting Pictures
Shadow Matching Cut-n-Paste
Enrichment Sets
I chose 1-3 of the recommended activities to complete each day. For example, I would read aloud the short classic story and asked the related comprehension questions while the story was fresh in her mind. Alyssa would then narrate and illustrate the story as part of a daily lesson. On another day, I might choose the science experiment and artist study and discuss any connections she might have to the story. There are plenty of activity suggestions. The program is extremely flexible and adaptable to your scheduling needs so you can chose what fits your schedule best!

Week 5 was our favorite weekly lesson so far. There were a wide variety of activities. Many academic subjects were integrated into the weekly lesson. This particular lesson included a narration/illustration activity, comprehension questions, poetry, science experiments, a nature study, artist study, copywork, and more.

We thoroughly enjoyed the classic stories included in the curriculum. We appreciated being introduced to new, unfamiliar stories. We both wished there was at least one classic story provided for each week. Alyssa had a blast researching and discussing the characteristics of white water lilies on the iPad. She even viewed Claude Monet's water lily paintings. She hasn't completed the art painting project yet but she has it on her list of things to do soon. Check out Alyssa's narration of the story, "The Water Lilies" retold by Ida Coe in the photo below. I scribbled down abbreviated notes for her and she recopied her retelling using complete sentences. Then, she illustrated the narration. She decided to depict a sequence of illustrations to retell the story. However, she didn't feel like coloring it.

Here's another fun enrichment activity. We started with three household objects. Alyssa would name and touch the objects from left to right. She skipped, ran, or hopped off into the other room while I mixed up the objects. Her task was to put the items back into the correct order. We gradually added more objects to make the game more difficult. Putting six objects back in order proved to be a challenging task! We also played another game where one item was removed from the group. We started with three items and I increased the number of objects I removed each time. Alyssa would tell me which item(s) were missing.   
Week 2 Enrichment Activity:
Math and Logic Game
What We Liked
  • I really liked the assortment of enrichment activities provided and suggested in the weekly lesson plans. The suggestions integrate other subjects into the day including but not limited to reading, writing, math, science, nature study, art, and more. Click on the image below to enlarge and view the water lily Internet research activity, a land and sea animal sorting game we played, and a copywork excerpt from the short story we read aloud during the first week.  
  • The age-appropriate online activities were colorful and offered in a "game-like" format which added a little more fun to our day while she developed practical lifelong educational skills. 
  • If you follow the suggested agenda, the lessons are short and manageable for younger children who have shorter attention spans.
  • The printable PDF enrichment activities and worksheets extended and reinforced learning. The activities didn't challenge my daughter (Age 7 1/2), but she still enjoyed them.
La La Logic Review
  • I appreciated the useful teacher checklist and note-taking section in which goals can be set. You can also jot down notes about the program. I liked having a way to check off the completed lessons. 
  • Positive reinforcement and verbal praise such as "Sensational" and "Astounding" was given as Alyssa worked through the online challenges. Incorrect responses were encouraged with a gentle "Try again" message.
  • I have the flexibility to choose which activities to complete on which days and which to skip since my daughter is older than the recommended age range. 
  • Alyssa can complete one week's worth lessons or more working at her own pace.  
  • The curriculum is user-friendly and easy to implement. It requires minimal teacher prep while limiting the child's time on the computer. Teacher prep was limited to printing out materials and grabbing a few household items. 
  • Basic preschool and kindergarten readiness skills for younger children were introduced including but not limited to colors, shapes, counting, identifying and sorting letters, emotions, fine motor skills, patterns, sequencing, go-togethers, science concepts, number identification, and more. They even had a measurement activity Alyssa liked. She measured images to the nearest inch.  
  • There is a "Listen" tab which allows the child to hear the directions read aloud or have them verbally repeated if necessary.
My Thoughts
La La Logic's Preschool Curriculum teaches kids to think at a higher cognitive level while following a learning path that progresses in difficulty. The curricula balances engaging online and hands-on offline components requiring a minimal time commitment. Several enrichment activities support a Classical Education homeschool approach such as narrations, copywork, nature study, poetry, and high-quality literature selections. Children can increase their intellectual abilities while utilizing modern technology to practicing basic mouse skills. My daughter and I enjoyed playing games and participating in hands-on activities. We're always looking for ways to spend more time together since she's working on more advanced, independent work lately. I have seen an improvement in Alyssa's memory, attentiveness, focus, and cognitive skills since she's been using the program.

Alyssa's Thoughts
"La La Logic is fun and educational! I think my friends, Drake and Lily, would like this program. My favorite online activities were the concentration games, frog bongos, pattern tiles, flashlight counting, and tomato basket counting. The games are very colorful. I do have one question mama, "Which came first the egg or the chicken?"
La La Logic Review
Pattern Tile Brain Challenge:
Click on white box until colors match the tile design. 
Honestly, she had a long list of favorite activities!

You won't believe the price tag on this homeschool preschool curriculum! A LIFETIME membership will ONLY cost you $29. Your login will NEVER expire. Guess what? There's more! You will receive a lifetime subscription which tracks progress for up to FIVE students. Now . . . that's what I call a FANTABULOUS offer!

I recommend La La Logic's Preschool Curriculum to preschools, daycare providers, schools, and parents with toddler and preschool-aged children as a supplement to their curriculum. I would also recommend this preschool curriculum to libraries to use as part of a kindergarten readiness program. It can also be used as a stand alone critical thinking curricula. This high-quality curriculum will help support intellectual growth while developing early learning skills. It will appeal to children who enjoy computer-based programs. I plan on using this program with children (under age 6) that I care for in my home.

Possible Vendor Suggestions
  • I would consider offering bulk licenses to local libraries and preschools as part of their kinder readiness programs.
  • Create a list of Family Fun activities to choose from on Fridays. 
  • Provide one classic story or more each week. 
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