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Schoolhouse Review: A+ Interactive Math Online Homeschool Edition

My daughter completed her previous math curriculum months ahead of schedule which left us without a core math curriculum for the time being. I was lucky enough to receive the Online Homeschool Edition of A+ Interactive Math from A+ TutorSoft, Inc. as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew to review. You can read about the company's goals and missions here.

The hardest thing to do was chose which grade level to review and pray that I made the right choice. I was given the opportunity to review a one-year subscription entitling one parent and child access to their first grade math curriculum. I love teaching math and trying new and different curricula! I was very interested when A+ TutorSoft, Inc. developed a first grade curriculum. I definitely wanted to begin the new year using it with my daughter. I am always looking for the best curricula and online supplement programs that I can use with Alyssa so that she has the best education possible. We have utilized several online math curricula throughout the year. I was anxious to get started with this one and wanted to see if and how it would work for our homeschool. Please remember while reading this review that all screenshots can be enlarged by clicking on the picture.

First Grade Homeschool Edition of A+ Interactive Math Online is an interactive, computerized math curriculum aimed at helping children improve their math grades, skills, and abilities. The comprehensiveness and completeness of the first grade curriculum was quite impressive. The first grade curriculum is a year-long multi-sensory program that addresses several learning modalities (visual, auditory, and textual). They offer a variety of formats and grade level curricula for Grades 1-6, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra. The first grade curriculum is organized into 14 broad chapters covering concepts under the familiar category titles such as counting, number sense, comparing and ordering, addition (two parts), subtraction (two parts), time, money, measurement, graphing, geometry, fractions, and algebra. Each chapter breaks down further into 4-12 specific units when you click on the "+" symbol on the left side of the screen. Here is a link to the first grade curriculum table of contents which shows the specific concepts to be learned throughout the year for each category. This curriculum level included lessons on topics such as time, graphing, fractions, measurement, geometry lessons which are often eliminated from the scope and sequence of competitors.

There are two formats of the A+ Interactive Math Curriculum. You can purchase the curriculum online or as CD Software. Please consider and decide which format would be best for your homeschool needs. If you choose to purchase the CD Software; it is not MAC compatible at this time. You can order the Standard or Premium Edition of the CD Software. Take several minutes to look at the Product Feature Comparison Table of Chart detailing the differences between the online version and CD Based Software (standard or premium). This will enable you to compare and contrast the three different formats all at once so that you can make an informed decision. They offer printed curriculum books as well. Be sure to check out the demo of A+ Interactive Math Online Curriculum.

Computer Requirements
High Speed Internet Connection (MAC/PC)

What You'll Receive
You will receive a one-year online subscription for one particular grade level which allows one child and one parent access to the materials. The subscription has many awesome features that I know you'll love including:
  • Animated, Colorful Multimedia Lessons
  • Interactive Questions with Step-by-Step Explanations and Answers
  • Online Worksheets
  • Online Exams
  • Online Placement Tests (Third and Fourth Grade with More Grade Levels to Come)
  • Weekly Certificates
  • Printable Progress Reports and Summaries
  • Worksheet Solution Guide (E-Book Format)
  • Printable Curriculum Book (E-Book Format)
  • Exam Solutions Guide (E-Book Format)
  • Printable Worksheets
  • Printable Exams
  • Reference Sheets
  • Lesson Plans Schedule Recommendations
How We Used the Product
I used the First Grade Homeschool Edition of A+ Interactive Math Online with my five-year-old daughter, Alyssa, who is currently working through first and second grade material. I decided to review the first grade full curriculum program with my daughter since the majority of her lessons are at this level or above this level. I didn't want the lessons to be too frustrating and I wanted to have ample amount of time to review previously learned concepts. Furthermore, I was hoping to challenge her mathematical thinking. We started from the very beginning with the first lesson even though I was hesitant because it looked too easy. It ended up laying a strong foundation in math and filled in a few learning gaps a long the way.

We used this curriculum 5-6 times per week for a minimum of 30-45 minutes. Alyssa is currently working through Chapter 5. We have been reviewing this curriculum since January. I also had her view several of the money and fraction videos. This program served as her core math curriculum for most of the review period. I normally use online math programs as supplements to compliment her core math regardless of how complete and comprehensive the curriculum may be for children. I used this with the Safari browser on my Mac computer version 10.5.8.

I prefer to be more involved in math instruction since she is so young (5) therefore during multimedia lessons. Here are a few other things I did to stay more involved:
  1. Stay in the same room nearby while she worked in case there were any program errors or misunderstandings that needed clarifications.
  2. Once she completed an online worksheet or exam, I sat with her while she checked each answer. I did not change her answers nor did I encourage her to think about any specific answer because I knew that the answer was wrong. I simply clicked the mouse to preview the questions. She would let me know if she was happy with her answer or if she needed to change it. I did encourage her to reread all of the questions and check all her answer choices before we previewed anything. I wanted to make sure that her mistakes would be her own and her grades would be based only on her efforts.
  3. We viewed and discussed her progress reports and summaries online after each worksheet or exam so that she could see how she was doing. Often she would set her own goals for the next chapter.
  4. She would view and print the weekly accomplishment certificates and updated progress reports to place in her math assessment binder.
"Certificate of Accomplishments" lists weekly printable PDF awards.
The weekly progress report or "certificate" is divided into two columns. I removed my daughter's name from the certificate. One column lists all of the worksheets completed during a particular week and the other lists the exams for that time period. All worksheet and exam grades are noted. These serve as great reinforcers for some children! I make it a huge deal when I print these out.

Our Daily Usage
Multimedia Lesson Presentations
Alyssa completed 1-3 multimedia lessons per day. The first thing she would do for each session is view a lesson as an animated multimedia presentation in a topic lecture format which probably takes 5 minutes or less. The short lessons are wonderful for children with short attention spans or those that are easily distracted. The child is taught sequentially with step-by-step, straight forward instruction. The program provides examples that illustrate each concept being taught. There are four buttons on the bottom left side that enables the child to play, pause, stop, or read the text for a each lesson. 

You can see an example of one of her recent lessons below. This was a unique way to approach addition. The child was first shown how to add 8 and 5. Then, they write down the number 13 lining up the tens and units columns. We call them "units" to avoid confusion when we discuss place value, but the program uses the commonly used term "ones" which is equally acceptable. The next step was to add the 4 and 0 which equals 4 so she brought down the 4 and added it to the 1 which equals 5. Then, the sum was stated 48+5=53. I was taking notes about this approach and quickly realized that addition with carrying was presented as a separate topic in the next chapter lesson. I thought this was a splendid way to show children that problems can be solved in multiple ways or using different methods. Alyssa preferred to work these problems mentally using a different method. She said, "8+5=13 ... that's one ten and 3 units ... so I'll add one ten to the 4 tens and I have three units left which makes 53." She did attempt the problems using the new method they presented. I noticed she utilized this method while working through her online worksheet. I do think that the problems on the online worksheets should be written vertically and not horizontally making it easier for the children to utilize or visualize this method better. I wasn't sure if the child was supposed to solve the problems mentally or have access to paper and pencil during this online worksheet. I told Alyssa to type the first number for the units column in the blank (if needed) and then to change the tens place after adding it. 

If you click on the first chapter line a list of concepts or topics to study can be viewed. 
Interactive Questions 
She would immediately proceed to the interactive questions after viewing the multimedia presentation. An interactive quiz follows each lesson. Each quiz contains up to ten questions in multiple-choice or fill-in (respond by typing the answer) format. Most of the interactive questions contain 5-10 questions. Children are given plenty of time to work through the interactive questions because they are not timed. Positive feedback or praise was given when Alyssa responded correctly. An adorable frog may appear during the interactive questions. It is imperative that the child clicks on the white box first to type in the answer and then clicks on the frog's belly to submit the answer. Otherwise ... the answer will not be recognized and will be considered wrong. The "next" button flashes telling the child to move to the next question. This guides the child through the program. The quiz results are automatically generated revealing the student's grades immediately. Make sure that you print out the Interactive Quiz Certificate to help track what lessons have been completed. I didn't realize that after you close the window there is no record that the interactive quiz was completed. This is the only way to have a record of your child's results. This was bothersome at first but it also allows the child to redo the lesson if necessary. The child can watch the lesson multiple times which means that the program "re-teaches" the lesson. The program is set-up to allow repetitive viewings of the lesson without penalizing the child. Children are provided thorough, step-by-step explanations to incorrect problems. They are taught the reasoning (or why) behind an answer and not just given the answer. The child is also given the chance to correct the error after answering incorrectly. It doesn't necessarily mean they "know" the answer; the child could possibly just memorize the answer to the problem. The following screenshot is from a different set of interactive questions than the one above. After watching the presentation, you will see the following screen showing you where to click so see the interactive questions. 

Online Worksheets
Then, I would ask her to complete the chapter online worksheets on the same day if she felt she was ready and had mastered the concept introduced. There has been only one lesson that she needed to view multiple times, because it was a brand new concept using new terminology I hadn't taught her before. We chose to complete ALL worksheets and exams online to save ink cost because a decent amount of color is used on the printable worksheets. This worked for our family, however some families may need to print out the materials for their child. This is especially useful to individuals that prefer a traditional paper-pencil approach to math. Please choose which methods works best for your child. If after you complete online worksheets and you still feel it is necessary to further review the concept or material with your child, then optional printable worksheets are available for additional practice. The questions are exactly the same yet in a different or random order.

Click on the screenshot below to see a picture and example of an online worksheet problem from Chapter 5. The problem requires the child to "type in the answer." The drop down menu for answer choices could be bothersome and confusing to some children. I just told my daughter to type in her answers and not use the drop down feature. The drop down feature could cause unnecessary mistakes. The second screenshot will show you what the results of the interactive quiz will look like - this is the form I suggest you print out upon completion. Alyssa enjoyed adding each completed quiz to her math folder.

Click on the screenshot above for a better view of the progress report format which tells the parent the total number of questions, number of correct questions, number of incorrect questions, and the percentage earned. The time and date is also noted. The specific title of the worksheet is provided making it easier for record assessment purposes and tracking work completed.

Online Exams
Once all chapter lessons were covered, Alyssa would have the opportunity to complete her chapter exam. There is an exam for each chapter. Each online timed chapter exam had 20-40 questions to answer in an allotted amount of time. I did extend the testing time period by ten to fifteen minutes for exams containing 40 questions or more to allow plenty of test taking time due to her age. However, she completed all exams including previewing answer choices in 10-25 minutes even though she was given an hour or more. The parent can extend the time constraint for each child under the Admin Panel. This is a great differentiation strategy for parents or educators because it enables them to increase the length of timed tests for children needing more time. I had several children in the classroom with IEP's that required test times or limits be extended. This may be the case for your child. If you prefer that the exam be done away from (off) the computer in order to reduce eye strain, then the exams can also be printed out for the child. The online TIMED exams are intended to prepare the child for a different learning situation and environment. I am sure there will be at least one timed test your child will need to take in his or her life so this can be very beneficial in the long run. If you click on the screenshot below you can view an example of an exam question from Chapter 3 with the provided step-by-step solution next to it.
On exam days, I would reward her by NOT having her complete a day's lesson sequence (multimedia, interactive questions, and online worksheets) in addition to tests as long as she passed her exam with a grade of 90 or above. If you think my expectations are too high and would like to use this review method, then please adjust the grade level expectations to meet your family needs. Please understand that I did not require her to have high scores - this was just a means for review to help master the concepts in the long run. If she did not pass the exam as indicated, then the plans were to have her review all incorrect answers. After reviewing test answers, then I would ask her to complete any multimedia lesson and interactive questions in order to review material related to the incorrect responses. I would write down the concepts missed and note which lessons to cover. This was fairly easy to do because I was present during the viewing of the multimedia lessons and very familiar with the program and types of questions answered in each section. I would not actually "tell" Alyssa my "re-teach or review" plans, because I did not want to add any test pressure on her nor did I want to encourage her "perfectionistic" tendencies. She is already hard enough on herself so I do not want her to think she has to maintain these high expectations all the time. However, since she earned a score of 100% on all four of her completed online exams there hasn't been a need to follow this "re-teach" approach yet.   


  • I love that parents have solution guides and answer keys to ALL the problems. This is a great feature for parents intimidated by teaching math or if it was not their best school subject. I know that when I taught in the classroom, some answer keys or solution guides would only provide the answers to odd or even problems. The answers can also be hidden from the student (if necessary).
  • I appreciate that the curriculum can be differentiated and completed at the student's pace. The child can work ahead of schedule or work at a slower pace. Recommended lesson plans covering 32 weeks are provided for individuals seeking an age appropriate paced schedule. The printable lesson plan serves as a checklist and includes a plan for 28 regular lessons and 4 review and test lessons. Holiday breaks, progress checking points, and review time are mapped into the plan. We did not use the recommended lesson plans. 

  • The printable weekly certificates served as a motivating reinforcer for my daughter. It allowed us to see an overview of how her week was and what she accomplished. Alyssa loves sharing her accomplishments with her father and this feature was a great way to simplify things. Unfortunately, we have been unable to print three certificates because we are waiting for the company to change scores that were caused by errors in the program or glitches while gaining familiarity with the program. As soon as these errors are updated, we will print the missing certificates and place them in her math assessment folder. I have been reassured by the developer that this will be taken care of, however, it has been almost 3 weeks and we are still waiting for the changes. I have contacted him once again to check on the status and I am waiting to hear a response back.
  • Parents have the option of viewing and printing progress reports for worksheets or exams which are updated immediately. This is another wonderful feature for parents wanting to track their child's progress. We will often view her progress reports together after a session. A summary report is available which allows the parent and child to see the total number of questions for worksheets and exams with percentages. This is also shown as a bar graph representation.

  • Multiple choice questions were asked that required higher order thinking skills making it more challenging. I love the "All of the Above" or "None of the Above" answer choices which forces a child to think about each and every answer choice and not just choose the first one that sounds right. I warned Alyssa about these questions ahead of time so that she could pay close attention to them. I could hear her talking through the problem or thinking aloud. She would eliminate answer choices and state the final answer. I enjoyed listening to her thinking processes!
  • The online curriculum is NOT a software program that you must download and install on your computer. I don't know about you, but I always worry whether or not a program will download correctly. Having the online curriculum subscription eliminates any worrying about the program not downloading and installing correctly. The online curriculum also doesn't take up any space on your computer which is always a plus for me.
  • The child has the option of muting the voice or clicking on the "underlined text" button during the multimedia lesson. If the child mutes the voice, then they can read the text as it pops on the screen. If they click the "text" button, then the child can read the textual format of the lesson aloud or silently. This feature will be liked by learners that prefer to read the material themselves without the distraction of the voice.
  • There are a variety of reference sheets or charts available to families covering concepts such as the hundred's chart, numbers and number words, number lines, even and odd charts, number types, place value, comparison signs, and more. These reference sheets can be printed and used in a math mini office or placed in your child's math binder or folder for reference.
  • I love that automatic feedback and praise is given to the child as they work through the interactive question section. The child immediately finds out if their answers are correct or incorrect. They are also praised for doing the work correctly with sound effects or with a handful of positive phrases. For example, the computer voice would say, "That's correct! Awesome job!"

Positive Praise with Smiley Face and Thumbs Up
Possible Cons

  • I was hoping that the CD software was MAC compatible so that I could have the program for life and use it with additional children in the future. This is not the case. The CD software works only on a PC with Windows. However, the additional tracking and assessment features for the online program out weigh this possible con. I do know that I have to consistently follow and maintain our schedule so that she can finish the program during our one-year subscription. This keeps us on track and holds me accountable - making sure we actually use the program while we have access.
  • Question format lacked variety. All questions are formatted as multiple choice or type your answers to the questions in this blank. More variety may be needed to maintain attention and interest of children. It will also help prepare them for different test questions that may be found on state or national tests (if your homeschool regulations require testing). However, it does provide a consistent format that will provide a stable routine for the child. They will know what to expect shortly after utilizing the program. They learn after several lessons how to respond and then they can focus on the problem and not the functionality of the program (learning how to work the program).
  • I prefer to be more involved in math instruction because it is one of my favorite subjects to teach. This curriculum requires minimal adult supervision which might actually be a pro for some parents. I did stay in the room with Alyssa while she worked. In the beginning, I assisted her with learning how to use the features of the program. I also knew this grade level was fairly new - so I was extra attentive and carefully checked the directions, lessons, and answer choices as she worked. This program would work well for those looking for an independent math curriculum - the parent acts more like an overseer or progress checker.
  • This curriculum does NOT have built in review lessons unless the child returns to the multimedia lesson to hear it over and over again. I wish that at the end of each chapter a unit review was included so that children could revisit concepts previously learned up to that point as a way to maintain and reemphasize skills. Repetitive viewings or re-teaching can be used as a way to review concepts, but I can see children eventually getting bored doing the same problems over and over again. The parent will have to encourage the child to watch the video again otherwise they may skip it if working independently. The parent must also require the child to listen to the lesson more than once if needed and complete Questions and Answers.
  • The online worksheets can't be redone. However, parents have the option of removing the solution guides and answer keys for worksheets which doesn't really make sense to me if they can't be redone. It would be to the student's advantage to view answer solutions especially if the worksheet can't be completed a second time. I wonder if the company would consider creating additional worksheets for each topic so that if a child does poorly on a worksheet, then they could try a different one for that specific unit chapter after relearning the concept in hopes to raise their grade. I know that printable worksheets are available for use however the same exact questions that are seen on the online worksheet are asked.
  • Response time for questions asked during the multimedia lessons is limited. The child is asked a question but does not have adequate time to respond to the question before the answer and explanation are given. My daughter said, "They didn't even let me answer." More response time would allow the child the opportunity to give an answer before the instructor answers the question.
  • One thing that would be more helpful would be if the sign in process was more simplified and quicker for the user. It took us multiple steps (clicks) to launch the student or parent mode. I made sure that I signed Alyssa in each time because I didn't want her to get lost in the wrong area. I can't imagine how a classroom teacher would react to this process if she had to log in several students a day. This would become cumbersome over time for a family with multiple children or a teacher with a class full of students. I only have one child so my experience would be different.
  • There were days when we didn't have access to the program and there were times when the interactive questions would not load properly. We received an error each time we attempted to view the interactive questions. However, later that day or the next day we would finally have access. There were also times when weekly certificates could not be downloaded - another error message was given. If these are scheduled maintenance times, then a notice in advance would be helpful to the parent even if scheduled checks are made after "regular" school hours.
  • I am not sure why Alyssa's completed exams and worksheets did not show under the Admin Panel when I was logged in as a parent. You would think that they would be available as a parent or child. Her completed exams and worksheets can be seen only when signed in as a student.
  • There were multiple errors and glitches in the program (see my note under improvements below). For example, Alyssa answered a question correctly however the program marked her answer as "unanswered." The developer said that she must have hit a space button or that she didn't submit the answer correctly. All of her answers were typed correctly when submitted. This may have been a glitch. 
  • There were many times that Alyssa wanted to answer a problem quickly without having to hear the entire question and answer choices read aloud in order to save time ... she was a bit flustered having to wait. She received a message as seen below indicating that she must wait until all answer choices have been given. This could help the child that makes mistakes when quick to respond however if may cause boredom or frustration for the child that "knows" the answer. I actually liked the warning that they gave, but it may be a problem for others.

Program Improvements

  • The one thing that bothered me the most were the number of errors in the curriculum right at the very beginning of the program mainly because it caused Alyssa confusion and made her question her thinking and strategies for solving the problem. It even frustrated her at times because she knew she was right. There were errors in the Interactive Questions, Online Worksheets, and Solution Guides. I contacted the company several times and sent screenshots to them. I received a kind e-mail asking if it would be okay to have a phone chat. I called and discussed these errors quickly with the creator. He reassured me three weeks ago that the errors would be updated with corrections. Unfortunately, the worksheet errors affected her overall grades and percentages. I am unable to print progress reports and weekly certificates because the scores are not accurate at this time. Yes, I could mark out the incorrect scores and recalculate the percentages by scores, but what I loved most about the online curriculum was that it did that part for me. I am hoping these problems will be taken care of soon. In the photo below, you can see several examples of errors that I brought to their attention. I will not include them all in this review. The child can't change or redo their online worksheets like the interactive questions. It's a big deal to a young child that works hard thinking she did well only to find out correct answers were marked wrong - this was the case for Alyssa. In the problem below, the question asks "How many tens are in the number 88?" Their answer was C (88) which is wrong. She marked the correct choice A (8). I can't tell if the worksheet errors have been updated with the corrections or not, because worksheets can't be redone. I did notice that one of the interactive questions I told them about has not been updated yet. I do know that her scores have not been changed yet because I check that on a daily basis. Click on the pictures to see the screenshots better.

The answer choices and correct answer do not make sense. 
Solution Guide Error

  • In the beginning when Alyssa and I were learning how to work all of the functions or features of the program, we clicked on the "Play" button to hear an interactive question a second time. We found out later that the question was considered an "unanswered" question as her first attempt. This was really just an experiment because I wanted to see if we'd be allowed to replay the question. I believe a "REPLAY" button is necessary especially for auditory learners, non-readers, or children who are easily distracted needing to hear the question repeated. This would however mean that the company would have to go into each and every question to make the change which is very time consuming.
  • Timed exams may be an issue for some children. I remember taking timed test as a child and the stress it caused me would have an impact on my grades. I almost always did better when I had more time to complete exams. I have also worked with children in the classroom that also require more time for testing and could not be rushed. I do like that the exam posts the remaining time for parents so that they can give children a heads up. However, for children that can read it may be a distraction and they may lose focus. Could the company consider making the time aspect of the exams an optional feature for parents? Parents could check mark yes or no for timed exams while still having the option of adjusting the amount of time children can take the test.
  • I wish the program had the ability to view lessons on full screen. I noticed this to be more of a problem during the counting exercises in the first chapter. Alyssa has great eyesight (20/20) and she had to sit very close to the computer while squinting her eyes to count all of the objects. This troubled me. She also tried skip counting certain items, but lost her place because they were randomly placed on the screen. Organizing the items in arrays helps children utilize skip counting strategies and makes it easier for them to count the total number of objects. One math problem had randomly placed tiny carrots on the screen for the child to count. Alyssa said, "The carrots were so small it was hard to count them. Can we make them bigger ... what about making the screen bigger mommy?" We were unable to enlarge the screen without causing the problem to become blurry. I have seen programs in the past that enabled the user to enlarge the screen to full size. This would be a wonderful feature for this curriculum. I even had a hard time counting the carrots on the screen. Would it be possible to add this feature? This was also the case for the one hundred chart questions. The numbers were tiny and hard to see. I was also wondering if there was a way to add a feature allowing the child to dot or slash each object as they count it so that they don't accidentally count an item more than once. 

  • I would love it if users had the option of printing weekly certificates in black-and-white or in color.
Our Experiences and Thoughts
Overall, I am very pleased with the concepts presented and covered in the First Grade A+ Interactive Math Online Homeschool Edition regardless of the errors we found. We understand that the curriculum was just released to the public not too long ago and we know that errors are bound to happen. What matters in the long run is the customer service and how the company handles these issues.

Several concepts are slightly above grade level which may challenge some children. I was surprised but happy to see that equivalent fractions were taught in first grade at a basic level of understanding. Although, I am sure state and national standards have changed since I last taught in the classroom. The interface is at first overwhelming. However, if you watch the demo and spend some time familiarizing yourself with the curriculum, then you will gain confidence in navigating the website. I do appreciate having the option of printable formats included in the online subscription. It allows the educator or parent the opportunity to change teaching methods or approaches. The traditional paper pencil approach is available to the student if computer-based learning becomes tiresome.

This comprehensive curriculum is well thought out and organized in a user-friendly manner. This curriculum has been an absolute blessing to our family. My daughter actually thanked me for buying it. I reminded her that it was a blessing from the Schoolhouse Review Crew and A+ TutorSoft, Inc. I will continue using this curriculum on a daily basis with my daughter for a minimum of 30 minutes a day until we complete this level or the year ends (which ever happens first). I have made the recent decision to use it as an online math supplement in conjunction with the next level of her core math curriculum instead of as her core curriculum. I will use it as a review tool and to fill in any learning gaps. It can definitely be used as a core math curriculum. At this point, the first grade level has been too easy for Alyssa but the curriculum has proved to be a great review tool. Further down the road, she will eventually be exposed to several new concepts and we'll be able to use the "reteach" multimedia presentations more to our advantage.

Alyssa's Thoughts
I asked my daughter what she thought about this curriculum and this was her response:

"This is a cool program and the frog is sweet. I like it when he croaks. Thank you for getting it for us mommy. I like watching the movie lessons and printing my certificates. I get to learn about addition. I do not like it when I get a question wrong when it is actually right. They need to check that. Let them know about that mommy."

Note: Please keep in mind that she just turned five not too long ago so her response won't be too constructive, but I do agree with her opinion about the errors in the program. As mentioned before, I have contacted the company several times and I hope to hear from them soon.

This is a good program that is still in need of corrections. Although, I do recommend this curriculum with high ratings especially for children that have a preference for computer-based learning. I have seen many online math curricula and this one meets and exceeds many standards where others often fail. I recommend this curriculum for public school teachers, all principals, private school teachers, and home educators. I believe that 20-30 minutes a day using this curriculum can help improve or raise math scores. If you are looking for a self-paced math curriculum requiring minimal (if any) parent prep that allows the child to work independently because it teaches the concepts for you, then look no further A+ TutorSoft Interactive Math Online might just be what you are seeking. 

What Does it Cost? 
You can purchase the A+ Interactive Math Curriculum (Grades 1-6, Pre-Algebra, Algebra) for only $19.95 a month, $49.99 for quarterly payments, or $124.99 for a one-year subscription.


A+ TutorSoft, Inc. has a special promotion event going on until the end of March (3/31/13). Would you like to save a little money? I can't think of a single home educator that doesn't love saving money. They are currently offering 50% off purchases when you use the coupon code SPOFFER50 which makes this curriculum even more affordable for larger families that will use the CD product over and over again. Now ... I have seen 30% and 40% off curricula in the past, but I hardly ever see the generous offer of 50% off as a discount. That's amazing! Mark your calendar and head on over to their website to see if this curriculum will work for your family.  

Other Products
Line of Full Curriculum Books $24.99 (3rd-6th Grade, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra)
CD Based Software Standard or Premium Edition (Microsoft Windows Needed!) $99.99-$124.99
Worksheets and Exams Pack (Third Grade and Up) $24.99

Do you have any questions or concerns about this product? Please visit the general FAQ section at A+ TutorSoft Inc. for additional information. You can also contact the company at So ... head on over to their website now - you know you are curious and want to see if this will be THE product to meet your homeschooling needs. Is there a way to find out before purchasing. ABSOLUTELY! You can sign up for a Free 30-Day (One-Month) Trial and check out all their FREEBIES for older children during your visit. They even have a placement test for 3rd and 4th grade available. I hear that more placement tests for additional grade levels are coming soon!

Please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog to read other A+ Interactive Math reviews from my fellow crew members. Several crew members reviewed the CD Software.


Disclaimer: I received a free one-year subscription to A+ Interactive Math Online for First Grade through the Schoolhouse Review Crew, at no cost to me, in exchange for an honest and professional review on my blog. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. The opinions were not influenced in any way by the company. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.


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