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B&H Publishing Group Review: My Child, My Princess: A Parable About the King written by Beth Moore

I adore reading Christian picture books. I recently had the opportunity to review My Child, My Princess: A Parable About the King written by best-selling author, Beth Moore, as part of B&H Publishing Group's book review program. 

Author Bio
Beth Moore has written many best-selling books. She's a dynamic teacher and a prolific Bible-study author whose public speaking engagements take her across the United States to challenge tens of thousands. Beth is focused on teaching women all over the world and is known and respected wherever she goes. She leads Living Proof Ministries in Houston, Texas and teaches an adult Sunday school class at her church.

Book Summary 
A wistful fairy tale at first impression, best-selling author Beth Moore’s My Child, My Princess — her first children’s book — is a simply profound story that rings true among kids and grown-ups alike. When a king’s rebellious daughter disobeys her father’s wishes, his forgiveness and patience vividly remind us of God’s unconditional love. Indeed, every girl is a princess; a child of the King.

Book Description
This book is a re-release of Beth Moore's first children's book. The main character struggles with the responsibilities and privileges of being a princess and not wanting to be one. She feels like she doesn't have any freedom. In this story, the princess was asked to clean her room. She couldn't understand why she had to pick up after herself. She felt like her father wasn't paying enough attention to her, because he was busy with "other" important business. The princess is so upset with his request to clean her room that she decides to disobey him. She said, "I'll show him." She disguised herself in old clothes dressed as a peasant and ran away from the castle through secret door exit. The princess enjoyed playing stickball with the other children in the muddy neighborhood streets. She was thrilled to have fun and be "just like them." The other children begin disrespecting her father by spitting spitballs at him during the King's special appearance on the main street. The princess begins to understand that she made a terrible mistake and wonders if her father will ever forgive her behavior. Her heart fills with guilt, horror, and shame. 

Our Thoughts
My Child, My Princess would be categorized as a fairytale genre beginning with the ever popular "Once upon a time" story opener. It is a tender-hearted story with an absolutely gorgeous cover. This 32-page hardcover book contains Beverly Warren's beautiful Medieval illustrations. The message was clearly stated in the book. The lesson theme emphasizes forgiveness, patience, acceptance, and unconditional love. It reminds us that our Heavenly Father will always love and accept us no matter what. The book's message contains a powerful lesson written in parable format stating that every girl is a princess or child of the one true King (Jesus/God). 

My 6 1/2 year-old daughter enjoyed reading and hearing this story read aloud before bedtime. There is some mention of disobedience, rebellion, name calling, and teasing that you may want to discuss with your child as you read the book aloud. I wanted to make sure that my daughter knew it wasn't safe to runaway from home. I also wanted her to feel good as the person God intended her to be. We discussed the importance of rules and why children must obey their parents.

I loved the fact that the princess confesses and admits what she's done wrong in her apology to her father with sincere feelings. I also appreciate that the book focuses on how the King reassures her that there will be times when she will break his heart, but that he will open the door EVERY time she knocks. The book ends with a scripture reference, Matthew 25:34, which relates to the story's plot. Overall, the book is a heartwarming tale that will instill values and character traits which will help your child grow up to be a princess of God's heart.

I recommend this picture book for children ages 4 to 8. I believe older girls will find this book of particular interest. The underlying Christian message may be a little too complex for children at the younger age range especially if the message is not discussed and explained. However, this children's story or allegory is suitable for ALL ages. Adults will surely enjoy reading this book aloud to their children. This would make a precious gift or keepsake gem for any child. I was thinking to would also be a great party favor or story to read aloud at a princess themed birthday party.

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