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Blogging for Books Review: I Quit Sugar: Your Complete 8-Week Detox Program and Cookbook

Blogging for Books recently announced the April release of Sarah Wilson's book I Quit Sugar: Your Complete 8-Week Detox Program and Cookbook. Do you know how much sugar you consume on a daily basis? Did you know many products contain hidden sugars? Are you aware of all of the effects sugar has on your health and well-being?

Author Biography
Sarah Wilson is a qualified Health Coach for the Institute of Integrative Nutrition located in New York. She currently lives in Sydney Australia. The author is also a television host, journalist, and blogger. Read Sarah's story and journey to quitting sugar here.     

Book Description
This 224-page book is a step-by-step program guide offering suggestions and tips for quitting sugar which will hopefully help you lose weight, boost your energy level, and improve your moods. The 8-week program is discussed at the beginning of the book using a week-by-week format. Sarah encourages her readers to try three new recipes from the book each week during her 8-week program. Visit the following link to see sample pages of the book.

What's Covered
  • Start to Cut Back
  • Operation Eat Fat
  • Quit!
  • Face the Demons
  • Get Creative, Experiment . . . and Detox
  • Add Some Sweetness Back In
  • Recovering from lapses
  • Refining and Moving Forward
She includes a "Getting Equipped" section that mentions two notes from the author on how she hates waste and loves efficiency. Her recipes utilize the same core ingredients repeatedly and she wants you to take advantage of the bits and pieces that many individuals tend to toss out. She gives the reader tips on how to create a freezer stash. One tip Sarah offers is that she freezes celery leaves to later use in stock recipes which are included in this book. I have tossed out the ends for years, now I collect them in a freezer bag for later use. The author also includes a short list of kitchen items that she prefers to have on hand. It is NOT an exhaustive or complete list, but is helpful to those wanting a simple start in the program. This book section contains information on how to stock up your pantry with staples that will consistently be used during the program. I have to say, I found this section to be quite insightful. I never realized I could make my own cream cheese and how useful and good chia seeds were for my body. A few other recipes included in this section are homemade ketchup, BBQ sauce, mayo, nut butters, and almond milk. Several of these recipes are also on her blog if you'd like to take a peek.

The back of the book consists of a shopping list, additional resources, and contributors. The shopping list is organized into three categories including pantry, freezer, and fridge items. Sarah also adds in a list of oils, condiments, sweeteners, teas, and baking bits. The list isn't comprehensive, because it doesn't include any fresh produce foods. The additional resources list her social media links and lists places to find hard-to-find ingredients. I had a difficult time finding chia seeds at local stores, but managed to find them at a nearby health store and on line for a reasonable price. I also stocked my pantry with quinoa after finding several packages on sale in the clearance section. I've been reading about the benefits of quinoa and have a strong desire to create recipes using this product. There are definitely a few ingredients that I don't tend to buy such as marcapone cheese, brown rice syrup, coconut and grapeseed oil, unsweetened coconut, almond meal, almond milk, stevia, and chia seeds just to name a few. I am not sure if I will be able to afford these items, but I will take small steps towards eating better using several of the recipes.

The book also contains 108 sugar-free recipes to help you in your journey. The recipes include an ingredient list, method instructions, serving size, and preparation notes. Several recipes include variations and seem easy to prepare. Many of the recipes seem appealing. I haven't tried any yet, but fully intend on doing so this month. My favorite recipe categories are obviously desserts, savory snacks, sweet treats, and breakfast. I can't wait to try the blueberry quinoa crumble, fudgy protein bites, sugar-free nutella, meal-in-a-crackercoco-nutty granola, and chia and quinoa parfait. Ha! Can you tell I am a sugar addict? I head straight to the sweets. Doesn't this Raspberry Ripple look delicious? Sarah tells you how to make it while cutting back on sugar.

Recipes Categories 
  • Breakfast
  • Smoothies and Drinks
  • Healthy Detox Meals
  • Savory Snacks
  • Sugar-Free Kids
  • Sweet Treats
  • Desserts
Overall Thoughts
Her book is organized into bite-sized chunks making it a quick read. The plan appears to be doable and flexible, but you will need to make a consistent effort and remain motivated to complete the program. The book teaches you how to eliminate sugar completely from you diet and later introduces sugar back with healthier substitutes. The variety of recipes included in the book make the idea of quitting sugar seem a little more realistic. I am sure that there will be controversial debates over whether or not sugar makes you fat. However, there are other benefits to quitting or reducing your sugar intake. Sarah does provide the reader with scientific information about the effects of sugar.

I haven't attempted the program yet. I definitely consider myself a sugar addict. I feel like I NEED sugar every single day and my sugar cravings are intense. I always feel tired, moody, and bloated. The information contained in the book was informative and extremely helpful.

The author is personable and inviting as she shares the realities of her experience with quitting sugar in the introduction of the book. She states, "There is a detox period where you will feel like crap." I love the honesty in this statement. She wants you to know ahead of time, that the program is not going to be easy and she's not trying to "sugar" coat it. She wants you to understand that your body will have an adjustment period and that it is normal. Many individuals will be able to relate to her experiences. I also like her viewpoint on using a "lets just see" approach when attempting the detox program.

Are you looking to live a healthier lifestyle? 

I recommend this book to individuals wanting to improve their health and well-being. Are you looking for a structured program that will help you cut back on sugar? I believe this is a good book to begin with if you are a sugar addict and want to change your lifestyle. Sugar doesn't have to rule over your life! Sarah's modernized book format and knowledge about the topic will encourage and motivate you to make better life choices with regards to which foods you eat. 

The paperback trade book can be purchased for $25.00 at Random HouseAmazon is currently offering the book for $15.81.

Note: Prices are subject to change at any time.

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