Monday, January 25, 2010

Tot School (Week 6: Jan.18th-Jan.24th)

Alyssa is now 26 months old

All activities are done under VERY CLOSE supervision (small items). 
Please do not use photos of my child on any website, blog, etc.  Thank you!
I do not have pics of everything that she did this week.  Enjoy your visit and please come back again soon!

Snow and Snowman Theme Continued
Winter Patterning
Alyssa figured out which pictures would complete each pattern.  The printable was found at Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Snowman Color By Number
The printable was found at Making Learning Fun.  First, I color coded the sheet.  Then, I asked Alyssa to find and match the crayon to the correct color.  We discussed which number was which color.  I would then ask her "What color is the number 2?"  I showed her where to look.  Then, she said, "Orange."  I then asked her, "Can you find the number two on the snowman picture?"  We did this for all the numbers.  This was her first color by number sheet ever.  I plan on doing this again to reinforce number and color recognition until she is able to do it on her own.  

Snowball Counting
She started this one on her own.  It was in a basket I had on the floor.  I saw her dump out the white pom poms.  Then, she picked up each one and placed it in a snowman cavity while she counted verbally from 1-10.

Winter Pom Pom Sort
I gave Alyssa a plateful of winter color pom poms and a measuring spoon.  I told her to use the spoon to sort them by color.  As I listened to her I noticed that she was sorting them by color in a pattern (white blue white blue and so forth).  So funny!

Mitten (Glove) Matching
This activity was way too easy for her and she seemed VERY bored with it.  I didn't have any other mittens to use either.  This was seen on the tot school blog carnival.  

Beginning Pattern Block Puzzles
After completing each design, Alyssa would tell me what shapes and colors she used and how many of each one.      

Letter "S" Search (Worksheet)
I don't usually do worksheet type activities with my daughter, but I was curious how she would do.  She found the majority of the S's on the worksheet.  She does know how to draw a circle, but I guess she decided she would rather scribble some of them.  We read the rhyme at the bottom of the worksheet and identified rhyming words and found more of the letter S.  I have to figure out where I found this sheet.  They have a rhyme for each letter of the alphabet.

Snowman Letter Lacing (2nd Time Around)
The printable was found at Confessions of a Homeschooler.  Alyssa easily matched the letters in the word "snowman" going from left to right.  She kept poking her fingers in the letter spaces.  Then, I had her lace them onto a string.  I showed her the word and straightened the letters so that they were readable.  I verbally counted the letters in the word.  I put a knot at both ends of the string.  I modeled how to count the letters by moving them from one side to the other.  Then, Alyssa counted the letters in the word (moving each one over to the next knot).  I did have her move them from left to right.  She ended the activity by verbally reading the word again.

Snowman Letter Bingo 
I had a container full of uppercase letters.  I would ask Alyssa "Which letter makes the /s/ sound as in snake, sun, or snow?"  I emphasized the beginning sound. Alyssa would point to and respond.  Then, I would ask her if she could find that letter on the snowman.  If she could, then she would mark it with a colored Do-A-Dot dauber. The printable was found here.

Letter S Sorting with Letter Tiles (Again)
The printable was found at Confessions of a Homeschooler.  This time I gave Alyssa uppercase and lowercase "S" letter tiles to sort.

Snowman Snowman What Do You See
I used the snowman printable from Childcareland.  I cut and laminated it.  I put two pieces of magnet on the back and one on his belly.  Alyssa placed a magnetic sight word on the belly (the only ones I had were the second grade ones from when I taught).  There were paper sight words available at the website.  I was trying to save ink and paper.  We sang the song "Snowman, Snowman What Do You See.  I see the word ____ looking at me.  She did read many of the sight words on her own. Then, she wanted to choose the words to read on her own.    

Roll Say Keep
I decided to try this game with my daughter with the first sight word list. The game and word list was found at The School Bell.  She did good with it so we'll play it again.  I placed the game in a sheet protector and slid a snowman printable (Childcareland) behind it so that it would fit in with our theme.  We placed a card in each space, Alyssa rolled the die and identified the number.  She then found the  card and attempted to read the word in the space.  If she read it correctly she kept the card.  If not, it was my turn.  Of course, I would have her read the cards for me.  This was a neat game.  I am trying to think how I can add a little more color to it for Alyssa.  A new card immediately replaced ones that were removed.

There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow
The cards were from a January Year 1 Bo download bought at Itty Bitty Bookworm.  We used them as we read the book instead of for sequencing.  At first we did it together and then Alyssa took over.  She would look through the book as she "read" and then match the pictures.  We then placed them in sequential order and discussed what she ate fist, second, and so forth.

Snow and Snowman Theme Books
Here is a picture of some of the books we used for this theme.

Alphabet Fishing
She really liked fishing when we were at Lakeshore Learning, so I returned a Christmas gift that I bought her so that I could purchase this activity for her.  I know ... I could have made it.  She would fish out a letter, tell me the letter name and sound, and try to think of a word that started with the same sound.  Then, she would place the letter on the appropriate spot on the ABC carpet (Lakeshore Learning).  She did this activity for a LONG time!!!

Alphabet Jumping
Alyssa jumped from letter to letter as she sang the alphabet (an activity that she initiated).  She even remembered to run all the way to the left before starting a new line.  Yah!!  I started asking her to jump on the letter that made the /d/ sound and so forth.  Then, I would say a word and she would find the letter that had the same sound.  She LOVES this carpet!!!!

Alphabet Carpet AGAIN
Alyssa pulled out an old alphabet puzzle from her play room.  I thought that she was just going to put the pieces together.  But, she surprised me.  First, she sorted the words from the pictures.  Then, she picked a word, said the word, found the matching letter piece, and put them together on the appropriate letter.  Why didn't I think of that??!!! She actually did this activity until all pieces covered the carpet.

Letter S Sand tray
Letter S Tactile Letters
Letter S Easel Board Writing

Fine Motor
Snowball Playdoh
Oh ... I wish I could remember who posted this idea on Tot School or was Preschool Corner?  UGG!  My daughter LOVED this activity.  I think that she did it five times or more before willingly moving onto another activity.  I rolled up four Playdoh snowballs and put them into some puff pans.  I placed the colored toothpicks (four colors) in the Playdoh snowballs.  I placed four of each color in a square box for Alyssa to sort.  We discussed the shape and number of sides on the base of the box.  I modeled how to do the activity with one colored pony bead and she wouldn't let me do another.  Even though the activity was too easy for her when it comes to sorting ... I know that it will be a great fine motor activity for her to do.  She also worked on pouring skills - she poured the beads on the toothpick into the lid.       

Snowflake Punching
I saw this idea at My Montessori Journey.  My snowflake punch was NOT easy for a 2 year old to use (wishing I had bought the one with a lever to squeeze).  But, this is the one I had on hand.  Alyssa attempted this activity and then gave up.  I even encouraged her to stand up for this activity.  The snowflake punch was bought at Hobby Lobby.  I was not as organized as the person who posted the original activity.

Do-A-Dot Art (Square, S)
She picked the colors and did it so quickly.  We talked about the shape and letter.  This do-a-dot pattern was found at Childcareland.

Stringing Straws
I was reminded of this activity at Childcareland.

Arts and Crafts
Her First Drawing
I was cutting up a game while Alyssa was drawing on her easel.  She said, "Mommy snowman ... mommy snowman." I looked up and was very surprised - thank goodness my camera was in the same room.  So, then she drew a picture of what she called an "Alyssa snowman."  I think she was trying to draw a mommy and a child snowman.  She then tried to draw a daddy snowman.  I was so excited!!  This was the first drawing besides letters where she actually told me what it was that she was drawing and it looked somewhat like what she said it was.

Cotton Ball Snowman
Alyssa used a Q-tip to apply glue onto the printable (she doesn't really like the stickiness of the glue).  The snowman printable was found at Childcareland.  She carefully placed the cotton balls on each circle and gently pressed down to make it stick better.  We counted the number of cotton balls used and hung it on the refrigerator for daddy to see.

Snowman Dressing
This snowman was found at Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I laminated it, cut it out, and let her play.  I did not use magnets on the back since the strength of the magnetic tape I bought is so low and it doesn't stick well.  She didn't play with this activity for very long.  

Snowman Melting Sequence Cards
These cards were found at Making Learning Fun.  I chose four pieces to sequence the melting of a snowman.  We discussed why and ways that a snowman would melt.  She didn't like the last card- She was very sad.

Windy Day 
It was pretty windy out this day.  So, I handed Alyssa the pinwheel to take outside with her during outdoor play.  She loved watching the wind blow the pinwheel around and around.  We talked about what wind was and about slow and fast winds.

Music & Songs
10 Little Snowmen Glove Puppet
This week we used the words from Making Learning Fun to sing our song.  The actual snowmen for the glove puppet were from Childcareland.

Songs found at Childcareland and I used wooden snowflakes from Hobby Lobby to sing several of the songs below:
Ten Little Snowmen (Tune: Ten Little Indians)
The Snowflakes Are Falling Down (Tune: Farmer in the Dell)
Ten Little Snowflakes (Tune: Ten Little Indians)
Where is the Snowman? (Tune: Where is Thumbkin?)
I'm a Big Snowman (Tune: I'm a Little Teapot)
Snowflakes (Tune: London Bridge)

Songs From Carl's Corner
I'm a Little Snowman (Lyrics Cherry Carl)

Sign Language
Repeat last week

Just for Fun
S is for Snowman Puzzle
The puzzle was found at Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I laminated and cut it into 6 pieces.  I put it on the floor all mixed up and she reorganizes it on her magnetic easel. 

Ss Partner Puzzles
I am trying to remember where I found these puzzles.  But, I did the same thing (laminated and cut them out).  Alyssa put the puzzles together correctly and then I wrote the word next to each picture on the magnetic board (the letter S was in a different color).  Please let me know if this is your printable! These should be listed under reading activities, but I am having some issues with posting photos so they will stay here.

San Antonio Zoo
We went to the zoo before heading over to a birthday party.  Alyssa was showing me what the bear was doing in the 2nd photo.  Daddy still looks tired from working so hard.  I need to do something special for him so that he know how much we appreciate everything he does for us.

Birthday Party at Funtastic Playground
She is almost always the last one to finish eating.  She looks so terrified on the slide, but she went down it SO MANY times.  There was lots of walking, climbing, sliding, and jumping that day!!!!  She fell asleep shortly after we got in the car.

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