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Unifix Cube Valentine Addition Bump Game

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Chery at Easy Peasy Primary Resources has a free Valentine Addition Bump Game at Teachers Pay Teachers. I pulled down my Valentine's Day thematic tub from storage and my daughter found this little game hidden in a folder. Last year, I printed and played this game with Alyssa so that she could practice her addition facts to build fluency. The bump game has been around for awhile but I really like this teacher's adorable Valentine's Day version. We always have loads of fun when we play this game!

Valentine Addition Bump Game
40 Unifix Cubes (2 Colors: Red and White) Won't Use All
Two Dice (Red and White)
Pink Heart Container for Dice (Optional)

How to Set-Up the Game

How To Play
Basically, you take turns rolling two dice. Each person adds the two numbers together in order to find the sum. I had my daughter state the equation aloud each time. The person places a counter or Unifix Cube on top of the sum. Although ... any kind of counter will work. We followed the directions and used the cubes this round. You can bump off another player's cube if it is on the sum you need to cover. You can "freeze" the sum if your cube is on that number by attaching the two cubes. That heart sum is considered yours once "frozen." There was a lot of singing, dancing, and goofiness when we played tonight.

The game ends when all of the numbers are "frozen." The person with the most "frozen" hearts wins the game. Count and compare the number of hearts in order to figure out the winner. I usually have Alyssa figure out who won the game. That's it - it is straight forward and a fun way to practice math skills using a popular game.
She really liked this game!
Counter and Dice Alternatives
Linking Hearts
Heart Gems
X's and O's
Foam Heart Stickers (all sizes)
Heart Paper Clips
Conversation Hearts
Painted Wooden Hearts
Red, Pink, or White Chocolate Candies
Hershey Kisses (Red and Silver)
Sweetart Hearts

Alternative Bump Valentine's Day Game (Different Concepts)
Liesl at Homeschool Den's Doubling Addition Bump Game and Division Bump Game
Classroom Freebies Too Valentine's Bump
Classroom Freebies Addition Love Bug Bump Game
Swimming Into Second's Valentine Rounding Bump
Hilary's Addition and Multiplication (You Stole My Heart) at TPT

Do you have a Valentine's Day Bump Game to share? If so, please leave us a link in the comments. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing on Math Monday.

    I posted your link on the Bridges Blog in a Valentine's Day feature:

    Great ideas!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful math game for valentine's Day. We've featured you this week=, here's the link

  3. Cindy,
    Thank you for including my post on the Bridges Blog. I haven't ever used Bridges Math before but I love and miss Number Corner! We used it when I taught second grade. There are many great ideas posted on your blog. I am secret stalker of it. Thank you for letting me know you linked my post. I really appreciate it!

  4. Thank you Kim for featuring my post. We had so much fun playing many of the bump games!