Thursday, May 3, 2012

Story of the World Resources

I was visiting with a friend a couple months ago and we chatted about homeschool curriculum ... a subject I LOVE to discuss on a daily basis.  She showed me her Story of the World Volume 1 Ancient Times curriculum written by Susan Wise Bauer.  I remembered reading several reviews about this curriculum on the internet so I started saving resources in my bookmark folder.  I shared this list with her months ago and I thought it might be useful to other homeschooling families.  I like to think about curriculum and my long-term choices.  Story of the World is one of the history curriculums I might consider using in the future.    

The first is a blog that I adore called Satori Smiles written by Angela.  She is an amazing homeschooling mom!  Be careful when visiting her blog because you might get lost spending hours exploring the contents of her blog.  I always check out what she is doing because she is so thorough.  The link will take you to her blog posts about the Story of the World curriculum, this link is for supplemental resources, and here is a link to Mary's, Lizards and Ladybugs blog, on how she made and posted FREE timeline cards cards for the Ancient Times.  This is such a great resource ... I couldn't wait to download it to my computer!  I also like Angela's suggestion about reducing the size of the timeline cards so that four cards can fit on one page.      

Run of the Mill Family or "The Chronicle of the Earth" blog created a lapbook, printable card game, and review activities for the entire Story of the World curriculum.

Braden Bryce posted online multiple-choice quizzes and review for the first volume.

Homeschool Helper Online has Story of the World Notebooking Pages to add to your lesson plans.  A popular way to solidify learning or knowledge about a subject.

Our Story of the World Journey blogs about her experiences using the curriculum and links to MANY resources and activities to compliment the first volume 1.

Here is a link to for FREE workbook pages that can be used with older students.

Laura's new blog, Walnut Homeschool is currently documenting her experiences with this curriculum and it might be a helpful resource in your journey with the curriculum.

Paula's Archives is a great resource that correlates popular history curriculum readings to Story of the World.  She has many interesting resources available on her website worth checking out including timeline resources.

This is a FREE history curriculum (Early Ancient Civilizations for Elementary Grades Students) from Bringing Up Learners Myths, Maps, and Marvels Learning Guide which utilizes Story of the World.  Be sure to check the website for updates and corrections to the curriculum.  She also has timeline resources.  Here is the resource list mentioned that coordinates with her lesson plans covering a full year.

I just found The Homeschool Blogger website today.  She writes about what she has done with Story of the World and Sonlight B curriculum.  You'll have to explore her previous posts but here is the link starting with What is History?  She summarizes her week using the two curriculums and adds resources used to help guide you through the lessons.  Several of the resources mentioned I have already posted about but there were a few extra I wanted you to see.

What's your favorite world history curriculum?
A.) Diana Waring's Ancient Civilizations and the Bible
B.) Mystery of History Volume 1
C.) Story of the World Volume 1
D.) A Child's History of the World
E.) Other - Please let us know what is is and why you like it.

Do you know of a blog or website with information that may assist users of Story of the World?  If so, please comment and share your resources or those that you find on the internet with us all.  

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to comment below.  

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  1. Wow! what a list. I will be using your suggestions all summer to get prepared for school in the fall. Thanks so much, I know it must have taken a huge chunk of time to find all of the resources you did, and it makes it easier for me. Blessed in TN

  2. I cannot thank you enough for this list! I am just beginning to plan out our school year & this could not have come along in a more timely fashion for me!

  3. Your welcome! I was hoping this post would be helpful to others using the curriculum. Good luck planning for the fall! I know I will need it since I will be packing the entire month of August. Yikes!

  4. just so you know the run of the mill blog is no longer working for the cards or lapbook .