Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Apology ... for slacking

Hello out there ... we are still here.  First, I must apologize for not posting our tot school (preschool) activities for quite some time now.  I have been slacking a little bit and things got CRAZY around here.  I have been busy with doctor appointments, packing for our vacation, and other "things."  We drove to New York from Texas - it was a three week long vacation to visit my family.  I also went to an amazing kinder conference in June and got so many new ideas.  I am totally addicted to teaching so I WANTED to go badly so that I could possibly use the teaching ideas now with my daughter and with other children in the future.  We took the house off the market, reorganized a few things (still working on this), and listed the house again.  Hopefully it will sell SOON.  I am currently in planning mode for my daughter's 3rd birthday party and school themes.  But, we will be back on a weekly basis soon.  I may not be as detailed as I used to be due to several changes around here and lack of time in my schedule.  But, I would still like to participate in both Tot School and Preschool Corner as often as possible.  We are currently working on a whale theme.  I hope to post more on that soon (this theme has been used for a couple of weeks now due to different household projects around here).  Thank you to those of you who showed a concerned for us.  I appreciate all of your thoughts and concerns.