Thursday, February 25, 2016

Q is for Quadrilaterals

Blogging Through the Alphabet is focusing on "Letter Q" this week. I brainstormed several topic ideas, but seemed to be drawn to the word Quadrilaterals. It must be because I love teaching Math. Here are few activities that Alyssa and I did together this week to help her learn more about QUADRILATERALS.

I LOVE my FREE Teachers Pay Teachers account. I searched for Quadrilateral and clicked on FREE activities. I  found some fun options for our lesson.

First, we watched and discussed a Quadrilateral Powerpoint.
Then, we viewed a Quadrilateral Poster and discussed the Quadrilateral Family Tree Poster.

Next, Alyssa completed a Quadrilateral Search worksheet and a Quadrilateral Shape Practice Color Page.

Finally, she enjoyed the Quadrilateral Cut and Sort activity. This was a simple sort categorizing shapes that are and are not quadrilaterals. She also worked on a more complicated Quadrilateral Sort Geometry Math Center. Alyssa had to sort shapes by the six types of quadrilaterals based on each shape's properties. This activity was a little more time-consuming. I gave her the Quadrilateral Family Tree Map to help after her first attempt. I was able to see what she knew and what she needed more help on.  

Tomorrow Alyssa will participate in a Quadrilateral Hunt. I plan on having her take a photograph of each quadrilateral she finds and using them in a PowerPoint presentation. She likes to create PowerPoints in her free time. She'll also complete Inspire Me ASAP's Mix and Match Poster Activity using the definitions, shape names, and pictures.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

P is for President's Day Poetry: Abraham Lincoln Acrostic and Bio Poems

Alyssa wrote two poems this week about Abraham Lincoln since Monday was President's Day and February 12th was Lincoln's birthday. Both poems were written after researching and reading about Abraham Lincoln. The first poem was an ACROSTIC poem written on thematic paper and the second poem was a BIO poem. I love teaching poetry while integrating historical information into them!
Acrostic Poem
Bio Poem
Template found at ClassroomMagic's blog
Made by Teachers has a general Presidents Acrostic Poem template you may find useful as well.

Please visit my post about Writing Acrostic Poetry: Integrating Subjects for more tips on writing poetry.

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

O is for Oreo Opinion Organizer: Persuasive Writing

Oreos can make pervasive writing more fun! I came across a graphic organizer titled "OREO" when researching ways to teach facts and opinions. I ended up getting way off track but in the end found a brand new-to-me teaching idea. I decided to try this method with Alyssa (Age 8). It was something different from our regular routine which provided a little more variety to our homeschool day.

Prior to using the Oreo Opinion Organizer we watched an OREO powerpoint to introduce the method and brainstormed persuasive (opinion) writing ideas. She chose one topic for today's paper.   

O - Opinion (Clearly Stated)
R - Reasons for your Opinion (Valid)
E - Examples that Support Your Opinion (Relevant)
O - Opinion Restated

I added in a little incentive. I told her she could earn an Oreo cookie for each valid reason in her paper that had relevant examples. Single, double, or triple stuffed Oreos indicate how many reasons with examples your child will add to the paper. She wrote a double stuffed persuasive paper on how cats are better pets than dogs. Her final draft was written the next day. We'll discuss opening, closing, and transitional sentences a different day. The lesson was a huge success!

You can find many free graphic organizers if you do a quick Google search. Here are just a few I found available at Teachers Pay Teachers. Sign up for a free account to access the materials while they are still available for free. These links will get you started.
Here are final draft Oreo Opinion Writing papers.
A simple presentation about the method can be seen below. We'll definitely use this method again! 

Friday, February 5, 2016

N is for Notes: Baby Shower Birthday Notes

Several of you know that I am decluttering my garage after my most recent move. I was going through some VERY old items when I came across a miniature treasure chest filled with birthday cards to Alyssa. In that box were special birthday NOTES.

I received a baby shower when I was pregnant with my one and only daughter, Alyssa. An activity at the party was to make birthday notes or cards for Alyssa. She had a new card to open with a note to read starting with her first birthday until her 15th birthday.

This was such a sweet activity! If you are planning a baby shower for a friend or family member, I suggest adding this fun activity. Alyssa and I recently read them together because they were lost in storage for so many years. She doesn't want to get rid of them, because she really liked reading the notes from everyone. We also have a special note from her great grandmother who is no longer with us.

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