Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Living Montessori Now Blogiversary Giveaway

Hi everyone!  I am super excited.  We leave today to attend our first homeschool conference in Memphis, TN.  I hope to share my experiences with you all once I return home.

But before I leave ... I have to tell you that there is an awesome 2nd blogiversary posted at Living Montessori Now.  I REALLY hope Alyssa and I win this resource for school.  All of the materials would be put to use immediately especially the zoology nomenclature cards, math materials, language resources, and geography bundles.

Deb, at Living Montessori Now posted a giveaway for 2 Montessori Print Shop CD Collections valued at $600 each plus one winner will win a $100 coupon (1-time use).  Montessori Print Shop has amazing materials!!!  I love everything.  No, seriously!!!  Take a look at their geography and math resources.  I want so badly to create continent boxes starting with the use of MPS materials.  This opportunity ends Thursday, April 12th and it is definitely something worth looking into especially if you are a parent or teacher working with children.  The materials available at MPS are high quality - I am sure you'll love them as much as we do.  If you haven't ever been to the Montessori Print Shop or Living Montessori Now blogs, you should take some time to explore.  They are both very informative and extremely helpful blogs.

Thank you MPS and Deb, at Living Montessori Now, for such an unbelievable opportunity!!!  I am crossing my fingers and toes ... well, I am praying more than anything.  But, I figure it doesn't hurt to try everything.  This will be a blessing to any home or school.

Here is the link again to Living Montessori Now.  Enjoy exploring her blog.

Thank you and god bless,
Tracey M.