Thursday, October 21, 2010

Adena Montessori: BUYER BEWARE!

     I Have To Let You Know
Here is my review for my experience so far with Adena Montessori. 
Have you ordered from them?  What was you experience like?  How long ago was that?  
     I am VERY frustrated right now.  I don't usually do this ... and I am hesitant to post this comment but I feel obligated to let other teachers and mothers know about this.  I wanted to warn others about this company before you make the same mistake that I made.  BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!! The very low prices and sale caught my attention.  DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! YOU WILL BE HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THE PRODUCTS.
     I recently made a purchase (after months of saving up the money) with Adena Montessori on September 24th. They didn't ship out the package until October 9th or 10th after I finally contacted them.  They were very quick to respond to product questions via e-mail to make a sale.  But, when it came to my questions about order status and concerns about my order; their response time took forever or didn't exist.  They were very generic and unsympathetic about my concerns.  One time they said that they just hired new workers.  The next time I spoke with someone they said they did not expect the number of orders that they received and that they were behind in shipping.
     Then, I received the wrong order in the mail on October 15th. I
have sent many e-mails and tried calling several times. They do
not answer their phones very often nor do they respond promptly to messages left or e-mails (usually the mailbox is full ... probably from others complaining about their purchase).  When you finally talk to someone they quickly dismiss your concerns and request that you send a detailed e-mail listing of all the materials you received in your packages instead of taking care of the order right there and then.  They get off the phone with you as quick as they possibly can and NEVER address your concerns thoroughly.  Joe said he would take care of the order on Monday after receiving my list.  Today (Thursday Oct. 21st), I received another message from them requesting that I must photograph the items and weigh the boxes they sent me.  I already listed the items for them and said that I would mail EVERYTHING back to them once/if they mailed me the correct order.  Several items that I did order that were included in the packages were either damaged or incomplete. The number cards on the Seguin boards boards did not fit the slots and the hundred board was scratched due to how they packaged the materials. I also ordered 81 unit beads and received only 50. I did receive 6 items that were NOT on my order. They are procrastinating for some reason.  I am hoping to get this mess straightened out soon.  Today October 21st, I requested a FULL REFUND INCLUDING SHIPPING.  I also asked for shipping labels for the order they sent me since it was their mistake and NOT my order.  But after reading reviews on other websites; I am expecting the worst. I still hope to get a refund!  I have so much going on here at the house and this situation has caused so much stress.  I just want to be done with them.  I want my money back and they get their products.  How hard is that.
     What a waste of precious time that could be spent with my daughter! I know how expensive lawyers can be ... probably more than the actual order.  We need to get this company shut down!  The reviews I read were almost exact to my review.  It seems as if they do the same things over and over to their customers.  Any review I have read that was not on their own website was NOT good.  Please help spread the word so that other mothers and teachers do not get scammed.  If you know anyone that uses Montessori materials at home or in the classroom; they should be aware of this company.  Thank you for your help!  There are better, more expensive companies to purchase from should you decide to use Montessori materials.    

Thanks and sorry I vented my frustrations to you all, Tracey


  1. I just found your blog. How frustrating! If you ordered with a credit card, I would contact the credit card company to have them reverse ALL of the charges. If you kept all of your e-mails, there shouldn't be an issue with proving you tried to resolve the matter.

    I would also send a complaint to the BBB. IMHO, that is nothing short of fraud and if they are in another state from you, it could mean serious trouble - especially since they mailed the items (mail fraud).

    You hate to be that way, but sometimes that is what it takes to get the attention. I would at least contact your card company.

    Good luck!


    1. They aren't members of the BBB (big surprise) so nothing can be done. However (and I know your post is several years old, but maybe for future reference) file a complaint with the FBI internet fraud department. Hoping that helps me turn this ugly incident around. Really wish I had seen all of these posts before I ordered... lured by low prices and a very convincing website!

  2. I never ordered from them because I could never get a real person on the phone. I am so glad I didn't. I am so sorry this happened to you. I know how it feels to save up the money for montessori materials. I highly recommend Kid Advance I have purchased numerous times and have never been disappointed. Don't stop until they honor your request otherwise they may believe that they can rip off another mother. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Stephanie,
    Thank you so much for your advice! I am calling the credit card company tomorrow to check if a refund has been applied or not. I know that it won't show on our statement for possibly 30 days so I need to call to move things along. I have already printed every e-mail transaction between both parties just in case. I honestly wish I didn't have to do that because ink is so expensive, but I wanted to be safe. I tend to save e-mails and delete them later.
    Thanks, Tracey

  4. I'm going through the same thing with them right now too. We waited so long for our order that it became unneeded. We canceled long before it shippped, the shipped it anyway and charged us. I've had nothing but hassle since then trying to get them to rectify it. Every contact I make is like starting over, I've been asked 3 times if I want to keep the order or cancel it! The products were not correct when we got them, so we can't even use them if we wanted to.

  5. I finally received a full refund from Adena Montessori and they paid to ship back their items. I had to CONSTANTLY e-mail and call them until the situation was taken care of. I also printed out all of the e-mails (just in case). I was very demanding and to the point. I think that they got tired of hearing from me and knew I wouldn't give up. I will NEVER EVER order from this company again. Good luck Mike! I hope that you get your refund back too. I told them since they sent me the wrong items that it was their responsibility to pay shipping because it was NOT my order. I also told them that I was not returning the order until I was refunded.

  6. I just made the order from Adena. For all who bought from them, did they ship the packages via confirmation delivery or just dropped off them at your front doors may I ask? Thanks!

  7. On January 15, 2016 I ordered a Montessori math material from this business called a “Decinomial Bead Bar Box.” This item is supposed to contain 55 set of 10 difference colour beads: 55 red bead strings, 55 green bead strings, 55 pink bead strings, 55 yellow bead strings, 55 light blue bead strings, 55 purple bead strings, 55 white bead strings, 55 brown bead strings, 55 dark blue bead strings, and 55 gold bead strings. I paid nearly $160 CAD for this item. When I received my material, the red, pink, yellow, light blue, purple, brown, dark blue and gold strings only had 51 strings each, while the green and white ones contained the proper amount. This material cannot be used properly by children without the proper amount of strings. I have contacted Adena Montessori several times since receiving my incomplete set. They have argued with me that “it should have come with the proper amount.” They have made me send pictures and explain to them time and time again what I am missing. At this point they refuse to send me the missing materials that I need to complete my set. I have just filed a complaint with the BBB in hopes to resolve this! I will never EVER order from this business again!!

  8. Wish I had seen this - definitely scammers. Charged me double, don't respond to any calls or emails. I canceled the order yet it arrived 2 days later (they had to pay expedited to try to force me to take the items) sent a 'new' invoice with inflated prices, claim they can't take returns on 80% discounted items (one of the so called 80% off items isn't even listed on their website) and will charge a restocking fee of 15%. Anything they can do to force you to pay SOMETHING. My bank is pursuing them for the overcharge, have filed an internet fraud complaint with the FBI.