Sunday, July 22, 2012

5 Days of Blogging: Back to Homeschool Blog Hop Coming Soon!


Have you heard the news yet?  The 5 Days of Blogging: Back to Homeschool Blog Hop hosted by the Schoolhouse Review Crew starts July 30th through August 3rd. There are more than 70 participates that will discuss relevant homeschool topics.  There will be a Blog Hop Linky each day during the week which enables you to hop easily from one blog to the next. Unfortunately, I will not be a participant since I will be busy packing for an upcoming September move (our house sold).  I do, however, plan to hop from blog to blog.  I can't wait to read ALL the wonderful ideas posted by my fellow crew members.  I love seeing how homeschooling families use their spaces to create classrooms.  I hope to hear about how to homeschool in small spaces since we will be moving in a smaller place.  I almost always find a new curriculum treasure to try with Alyssa. This blog hop is for all homeschooling families. It doesn't matter whether you are a newbie or a veteran homeschooler - come check it out!    

Oh ... and there's more - I also heard that a few bloggers might be posting giveaways.

What topics will the Schoolhouse review members discuss?  Each day the following topics will be addressed:
  • Homeschool Methods Unit Studies, Charlotte Mason, Unschooling, Classical? Which homeschool method is right for your homeschool? On Monday, the Crew tackles this topic, bringing you their experiences, tips, and recommendations!
  • Homeschool Curriculum The most popular question among homeschool momma’s has to be, “What curriculum do you use?” If there’s anything these bloggers understand, it’s curriculum! On Tuesday, the Crew shares their favorite choices with you!
  • Homeschool Planning I suppose the 2nd most popular question among homeschool mommas might be, “How do you plan your homeschool day . . . week. . .  year?” From year around schoolers, to traditional “public” school schedules. From days planned out practically minute by minute to those who “wing it,” the Crew will share their planning tips with you on Wednesday!
  • Homeschool Classrooms I just love catching a glimpse of homeschool rooms. Some folks have classrooms decked out with teacher and student desks, chalkboards, and walls covered with charts and maps. Others spend more time on the couch or kitchen table. Come take a peek at the Crew’s homeschool classrooms and other spaces on Thursday.
  • Homeschool Co-ops To co-op or not to co-op, that is the question. On Friday, the Crew will share their experiences, both positive and negative, with this form of homeschool enrichment.
Please join the crew for this event.  Mark the date on your calendar and be prepared to make use of several tips and suggestions that will assist you with preparing for the upcoming homeschool year.  I am sure you will find something useful and helpful!!!  I know I will ... I always do.  Give yourself a little free time ... sit back and relax ... read all the inspirational and motivational blogs.     
The Back to Homeschool Blog Hop is brought to you by these amazing members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew:
Alyson B @ Family Style School
Amy B. @ Bow of Bronze
Anne G. @ Upstate Ramblings
April B. @ Eclectic Montage
Aurie G. @ Our Good Life
Barbara C. @ Alive in Spirit
Beth B. @ Ozark Ramblings
Brandi K. @ Living Sola Gratia
Brandy B. @ Kingdom Academy
Cariann M. @ Unionvale Homeschool
Christina A. @ Blue Skies Academy
Christine T. @ Our Homeschool Reviews
Heather D. @ The Blessings Pour Out
Hillary M. @ Our Homeschool Studio
Jacquelin C. @ A Stable Beginning
Jasmine L. @ Ponder the Path
Jennifer H. @ White Trash Mama
Jennifer K @ Fresh Start Academy
Jennifer K. @ Our Peculiar Lives
Jennifer L. @ Jenn’s RAQ
Jennifer M. @ A Glimpse of Our Life
Jessica K. @ Modest Mama
Jessica L. @ Oraange Marmalade Mama
Karyn T. @ Teach Beside Me
Kim M. @ Homestead Acres
Kimberly L. @ We Love to Homeschool
Kristen H. @ Sunrise to Sunset
LaDonna H. @ Pioneer Journey
Lisa B. @ The Berry Patch
Lisa R. @ Our Country Road
Lizzie N. @ A Dusty Frame
Lora F. @ My Blessed Life
Marcy C. @ Ben and Me
Nicole T. @ Journey to Excellence
Nicole W. @ Schooling in the Sun
Patsy B. @ Ms. B’s Bonnet
Sara P. @ Embracing Destiny
Sarah D. @ Ahoy Maties!!
Shalynne A. @ Wonderfully Chaotic
Shanna C. @ Learning at His Feet
Stephanie B. @ Swinging on Small Hinges
Taunya R. @ Taunya’s Place
Tiffany D. @ The Crafty Home
Tonia L. @ The Sunny Patch
Wendy R. @ Life at Rossmont
Yvana H. @ Grant Us Wisdom
Join the Schoolhouse Review Crew participants above on July 30th. Click here to get started on Monday!  

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