Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Sunny Collage

Alyssa's art task this week was to create a paper collage of something she could see outside. She decided to focus on the burning hot sun as her subject. First, she cut out the blue sky and green grass background colors. They were attached to thick white cardstock paper. Then, she used two different colors of paper (yellow and orange) to create the sun rays. She drew a bird and a grasshopper. They were cut as whole pieces and glued down in the picture. Finally, she added herself to the collage. She cut out tiny blue eyes, red lips, brown hair, and an orange nose. She's wearing a dress which is conveniently her favorite color right now. I can definitely see her making more of these creations in the future. She already made two more creations related to our current science unit.

Here are a few photos of her working on her collage masterpiece.
Cutting and Applying Glue to Paper Sun Rays
Attaching Sun Rays to Her Masterpiece
Her Masterpiece was titled, "The Sun and Me."

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