Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Homeschool Mother's Journal: An Eventful Week in October

We had a very BUSY and fun week! Thankfully, this week will be a little more relaxing (I hope). I'm not going to talk a lot about school work, because I didn't take many school pics.

Pumpkin Patch
We stopped at a nearby pumpkin patch to buy a pumpkin, but we didn't have enough cash on hand. We decided to take advantage of the photo props while visiting.

Piano Practice 
Mrs. Lu is the BEST piano teacher in New Braunfels! Alyssa continues to improve her skills and plays beautifully thanks to her teacher.

Park Lunch Date
I surprised Alyssa with a picnic at the park as our first mother-daughter date for the week. We ate our lunch and did school at the park. Alyssa will finish her first spelling workbook this week and she's already halfway through her math curriculum. Most of the book has been a review so far. She is learning new concepts such as finding averages, finding the area of different shapes using formulas while reviewing basic division facts and place-value notation. She'll also finish the first level of her cursive program this week. Alyssa LOVES the step-by-step drawings they include in the book. Her Reading and Phonics program has her reading Robinson Crusoe. She finds the story interesting. We even had time to hang out on the playground.
Math U See Delta
Spelling You See
Orange Leaf Frozen Event
Another mother-daughter date that I planned this week was at Orange Leaf. I told her to bring her Elsa costume, but didn't tell her why. Alyssa and I split a yogurt treat, watched the Frozen movie, participated in the sing-a-long, and made a new little friend. Elsa and Anna made a special appearance. We headed to subway after the event, because it was too late to make a dinner at home. We had a blast!

Lacey's Baby Shower
What a wonderful baby shower! The hostesses had a yogurt bar with a variety of yummy toppings for the guests. They served delicious  breakfast cupcakes too. Our friend, Lacey, is having a baby girl in January. She'll name her Mackenzie. She received many awesome gifts to get her started.
Alyssa's Buddies
Library Halloween Party
Our local library always hosts a Halloween party which includes a costume contest and and candy scavenger hunt.
Queen of Hearts
Arts and Crafts
Library Tour and Candy Hunt Begins
Our Friends Always Dress in Cool Family Costumes
Photo Shoot and Lunch Date with Nanny
I scheduled Alyssa's Christmas photo shoot at JCPenny's Portrait Studio She also brought her Halloween Queen of Hearts costume. We went to lunch with Nanny Lynn at Johnny Carinos and visited her at her house before the shoot. Photos to post later!

Peanut Butter Cookies!
We made peanut butter cookies to snack on one night. YUM! YUM! YUM! We bought some milk chocolate almond kisses for the tops.

My favorite cat visited us again. He's soooo affectionate! He'll only let me hold him for a few minutes, but he's constantly rubbing up on our legs.

I will link this post up at My Week in Review at Home to 4 Kiddos. 

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