Thursday, February 25, 2016

Q is for Quadrilaterals

Blogging Through the Alphabet is focusing on "Letter Q" this week. I brainstormed several topic ideas, but seemed to be drawn to the word Quadrilaterals. It must be because I love teaching Math. Here are few activities that Alyssa and I did together this week to help her learn more about QUADRILATERALS.

I LOVE my FREE Teachers Pay Teachers account. I searched for Quadrilateral and clicked on FREE activities. I  found some fun options for our lesson.

First, we watched and discussed a Quadrilateral Powerpoint.
Then, we viewed a Quadrilateral Poster and discussed the Quadrilateral Family Tree Poster.

Next, Alyssa completed a Quadrilateral Search worksheet and a Quadrilateral Shape Practice Color Page.

Finally, she enjoyed the Quadrilateral Cut and Sort activity. This was a simple sort categorizing shapes that are and are not quadrilaterals. She also worked on a more complicated Quadrilateral Sort Geometry Math Center. Alyssa had to sort shapes by the six types of quadrilaterals based on each shape's properties. This activity was a little more time-consuming. I gave her the Quadrilateral Family Tree Map to help after her first attempt. I was able to see what she knew and what she needed more help on.  

Tomorrow Alyssa will participate in a Quadrilateral Hunt. I plan on having her take a photograph of each quadrilateral she finds and using them in a PowerPoint presentation. She likes to create PowerPoints in her free time. She'll also complete Inspire Me ASAP's Mix and Match Poster Activity using the definitions, shape names, and pictures.

I will link this post up at Through the Calm and Through the Storm's Blogging Through the Alphabet and Year Round Homeschooling's Hearts for Home Blog Hop.

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