Wednesday, August 17, 2016

DIY Plastic Bag Jump Rope

Do you have any extra grocery plastic bags hanging around your house? I bet you do! Do you want a project that will keep your children active and busy for hours?

My daughter came across a Life Hacks for Kids You Tube video online called Clever Bag Hacks. She watched it and really wanted to create a jump rope using plastic grocery bags. The project took several hours to complete, but was worth it. She had so much fun making her jump rope.

First, she cut the bottom and tops off of MANY bags.

Then, she overlapped them and pulled to create a knot. Please watch the video for this step.

We taped the top of the braided bags so that she could use two hands to braid. Braiding was much easier this way.
Braiding the Pieces
It gets a little harder connecting additional bags. She also trimmed the edges. Towards the end her hands were getting tired so the braid wasn't as tight.
Ready to Try it Out
Yep, she is one happy camper. She loves her new jump rope. This is a great DIY project for younger children.

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  1. Wow. This is SUCH a COOL idea! Pinning for when my daughter gets a tad older!