Friday, September 16, 2016

Another Late Wordless Wednesday: Toilet Paper Tragedy

This time it is not because there isn't any left on the roll. 

So . . . it's been a rough week. I am exhausted. I rush to the restroom after drinking 2 cups of coffee, a half of a bottle of water, and some tea. I've been holding it in for way too long. 

Okay, so now I am in the bathroom (sorry I had to share) and this is what I find. This was the other day. WHAT IS THAT? 

I look closer and then my mind starts to wonder. Hmmmm . . . my tired mind starts thinking about all the crazy possibilities. Then, I wonder if I should use the toilet paper or not? Do I call my daughter in the room to bring me a new roll, because that was the last roll. Well, what do YOU think it is??????

I finally go ahead and use the stuff - you know . . . braving it up. Then, I slowly unroll the toilet paper and find . . . you'll have to scroll down to see it. I can't believe it. You'll never want to buy toilet paper from this store again.  

Keep Going
Scroll Down!

Almost There!

I find this cute black spider crawling on my toilet paper. 

I immediately start thinking wow, this toilet paper worker sure has a lot of time on his or her hands. Really, how is that even possible Tracey? You need some sleep. Then, it hits me and I walk to the front of the house calling out to Alyssa, "Did you by any chance draw on the toilet paper?"

I had to ask her, because I couldn't wrap my mind around the idea (lack of sleep will do that to ya). I hear a LOUD cackle followed by a roar of laughter. She said, "You finally found it! I was waiting for you to use your bathroom." She said, "I was bored when I was going to the restroom and it was taking a LONG time so I decided to draw a spider to shock you and make you laugh. I saw it in a Highlights magazine." 

Yes, it DID shock me! Ha Ha Ha . . . What a little prankster! She got me again! She totally freaked me out. I was so flustered with the thought of what it COULD have been. We giggled and then finished school work. I love her so much! 


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