Friday, December 16, 2016

Avent Balloon Tree Countdown

I am always on the hunt for fun activities to countdown the days until Christmas. This year I was inspired by two blog ideas to make Alyssa an Advent Balloon Tree Countdown. She absolutely LOVES to play with and pop balloons.

The original idea came from WhiMSy love. Her idea for using a calendar to track events and number the scrolls was very helpful too. She posted a balloon advent calendar. Then, I saw a countdown in the shape of a Christmas tree which I loved. I knew this was the activity for us!

I used green balloons instead of gold or colorful ones. Look What I Made used colorful balloons for her Christmas tree advent countdown. I also decorated the tree with numbered paper ornaments and a strand of garland. I even decorated the pin with a ribboned bell and a few silver jingle bells. I didn't have much on hand otherwise the ribbons would have been red and green.
Decorated Pin
What I Did
First, I researched local events and Christmas activities focusing on FREE activities.
Then, I jotted down the activities we'd most likely participate in this year.
Next, I make a list of those activities on a piece of paper and cut them into strips.
Finally, I rolled them up and placed them inside the balloon before blowing it up. I love the idea of creating scrolled events, but I was running out of time and wanted ours ready when my daughter came home. I tried to stuff a Hershey kiss in it, but my balloons were too small and old so they kept breaking.

You can also research countdown activities and utilize the FREE printables online to make things super easy.

I have to say . . .  this activity was a HUGE hit with my 9-year-old daughter. I wonder if she'll want to do it again next year.

I hope you enjoyed visiting A Learning Journey. Come back soon. Happy Holidays!

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