Thursday, February 23, 2017

Fresco Secco Masterpiece

Learning about the Renaissance and Reformation time period in History has been an eye opening experience. We are current using the Renaissance and Reformation Project Passport study from Home School in the Woods. I didn't realize that there was so much information to learn about during this era. One of Alyssa's favorite topics to learn about has been Renaissance Art. This was a time period when the arts exploded. Many different art techniques were introduced and flourished during this time period.

Alyssa learned about a brand new art technique or 3-D art form that was popular during the Renaissance period called the Fresco. The term "fresco" meant "fresh" in Italian. This technique used fresh plaster as a canvas when painting. She learned the difference between Fresco Secco (dry plaster) and Buon Fresco (wet plaster). If you'd like to see an example of Buon Fresco, you can research information about Michelangelo's work on the Sistine Chapel's ceiling.

Today I would like to share with you my daughter's Fresco Secco. This is the process of painting on dry plaster and sealing the artwork with glue once the painting is dry. First, we made the plaster as directed on the package. My daughter spread it out over the top of the burlap which had wax paper and a kitchen tile underneath it. This was her least favorite part of the activity. Well, understandably she also didn't like cracking her artwork. I didn't want the plaster to leak through while drying and make a huge mess. :) Then, she sketched her drawing in pencil after the plaster dried. I think we let it dry for about a day or two, but it definitely does NOT need that long. Check out her Fresco Secco masterpiece and the process below!
Spreading the Plaster
Sketching Fruit and Veggie Basket in Pencil 
Painting with Watercolors
Cracking Plaster for an Antique Look
Covering and Preserving Artwork with Glue
Fresco Secco Project Completed

I am so proud of her accomplishment. I think she did a wonderful job. Well, I hope you give this art project a whirl! Have a great week and thank you for visiting us at A Learning Journey.

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  1. I think she did a great job too! What a neat project. Thanks for sharing it on the Virtual Fridge!

  2. What a fun project. I need to look into this for my oldest. I think he would enjoy it. Thank you for sharing!

  3. She did a *great* job! We are really enjoying this unit, too. I wasn't up for a fresco though, but we'll do one sometime. We were fascinated with the Michelangelo "interview."

  4. That looks like it was really fun! Thanks for sharing!