Thursday, March 9, 2017

H is for Handwriting Improvement

A little over 3 years ago my daughter and I reviewed PreScripts: Cursive Words and Drawings from Classical Conversations. She was too young to attempt many of the scripture verses and became easily frustrated with writing cursive sentences. We are redoing the workbook lessons now that she has had plenty of practice with writing the alphabet and small words in cursive.

Yesterday she traced and wrote the letter "h" (capital and lowercase formations), the word "happy, and she wrote Proverbs 3:13 in cursive. She also had the opportunity to draw wiggly worms on the activity page using curves and dots.

I'm glad that we are using this cursive handwriting curriculum again. I've already seen a boost in her confidence level and an improvement in her writing. She really likes memorizing the short Scripture verses too. We also discuss the meaning of the verse each day.    

Happy is the man who finds wisdom. 

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  1. I love cursive! I have found that each of my kids learns it different though! I have two programs we are currently using for the two boys, and love them both! I love how this one uses scripture to help.

  2. I need to find a new cursive program for my youngest. Definitely will check this one out. Thank you. - Lori

  3. Learning cursive is so important. Glad you found a program that is working.

  4. It's so fun when they learn something new. My boys don't like cursive, but they are so much more legible now.