Thursday, June 1, 2017

Time Traveler Teaser: Review Coming Soon!

We are focusing on "Letter T" posts this week at Blogging through the Alphabet. I have to tell you about a new review product that arrived. We recently received the Time Traveler American: The American Revolution study via email from Home School in the Woods. It looks fantastic! I have reviewed the Project Passports in the past, but I am loving the format and organization of this particular study.

This week we are prepping materials and gathering resources. We also started Lesson 1 and hope to cover at least one lesson per week this summer. Other subjects are integrated into the study such as Literature (Reading), History/Social Studies, Geography, Writing, Penmanship, Arts and Crafts, and more.

The first concept we discussed according to the Lesson Plan Schedule is Colonial Beginnings. The Lesson Plan Schedule gives me a quick overview of the lapbooking and notebooking activities whereas the Lesson Projects pages give me detailed instructions for each project.

There are five main activities including an accordion timeline, creating the Mitchell Map, creating a Jamestown replica, creating a lapbook Mayflower Compact scroll, and a Penmanship activity. She wrote a famous quote from William Bradford of Plymouth Plantation in cursive on ruled paper. She also colored and placed the first 3 timeline figures on her timeline which were Village of Jamestown, the Pilgrim Voyage on the Mayflower, and the Mayflower Compact.  
Glance at First Week Materials
Student Binder Cover 
I am super excited about this unit study. If you haven't tried or seen Home School in the Woods products you may want to visit their website for more information. In the meantime, come back to A Learning Journey between July 10-12 to read my detailed review about this product. See you then! Thank you for visiting my blog.

I will also link this post up at Blogging through the Alphabet. Check out all the awesome "Letter T" posts! Grab a cup of tea or coffee before you start reading the posts.

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