Saturday, May 5, 2018

Jeopardy Review Game

One History project my daughter recently completed was her George Washington Jeopardy Game. She created all the questions, answers, and the game. This particular project was due after reading a historical biography about Washington. Be sure to read my review for the nonfiction chapter book titled, George Washington: True Patriot from YWAM Publishing. We made a few changes to the Jeopardy Question activity mentioned in their study guide, but it reminded me of my old teaching days.  

The project can be used for a unit study culminating review or it can be played as a class game in preparation for exams. Why not have fun while reviewing previously learned concepts? 

Her final project had 6 categories and each category consisted of 5 questions. The game was created with copy paper, construction paper, markers, and glue sticks. The category titles were color-coded.  Alyssa wrote the questions on the front of the point cards and the answers on white copy paper which were glued to the back of the matching question.

As a classroom teacher, I would organize the students into groups to create questions for specific categories. The students were responsible for making sure the questions for one category gradually became more difficult in order to earn more points. Yes, that means they'll already know the answers to at least 5 questions. But, you can always make it a rule that they can't choose their own category if that's a problem. As with any Jeopardy Game, the questions gradually increased in the number of points earned from 100-500.   

You can also incorporate more technology into any lesson if you utilize a free Jeopardy Game PowerPoint template like the ones provided at The Balance Everyday blog or offered as freebies through Teachers Pay Teachers. You can sign up for a free account to access those freebies.   

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