Friday, July 8, 2011

Library Reading Program

Alyssa participated in the local library's summer reading program. She really wanted to win the bike for her age group (Bike #1). She independently read aloud for an hour not too long ago and wouldn't come down for breakfast until she read all the books that she picked out for the day. She constantly read every chance she got ... she worked so so hard.  She talked about the bike with the ANGEL backpack every single day!

I am proud to say that SHE ACTUALLY WON!!! I was so happy for her ... I cried! I think I was the only parent that cried.  LOL! Now, she can finally learn how to ride a bike. She has been telling everyone that she read lots and lots of books to win it. I am glad that she understands why she received the bike.  She set a goal and reached it!

Thank you Canyon Lake Pilot Club for donating 10 bikes to the library for this program! We all appreciate it!

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