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Curriculum 2011-2012

Eclectic Curriculum Choices
This year I wanted to participate in the Not Back To School Blog Hop hosted by Heart of a Matter.  This is the week that everyone posts curriculum choices for the year.  I love hearing about curriculum choices and I really enjoy seeing how different people organize their school materials.  Yes, I am also a curriculum junkie and I am completely addicted to teaching and the learning process.  My curriculum choices are very eclectic - curriculum choices were made based on Alyssa's abilities, interests, and learning style.

I have been racking my brain for a couple months (well, it has been longer than that) trying to decide how I want to organize our school time, how to organize the classroom, and what curriculum I should use with Alyssa. I have been making purchases and looking for deals for over two years.  I have FINALLY made some choices. Several of you will probably think I am CRAZY, but I am following Alyssa's interests and abilities. Please do not judge me.  I would NEVER EVER force learning on my daughter nor am I in a rush. I am sure that things will change over the year so things are not set in stone - these are tentative curriculum choices. We will probably eliminate curriculum - I will adjust things as we go because I always plan too much. We will also continue using the workbox system by Sue Patrick to organize her subjects. It works well for us and has since Alyssa was 15 months old.  I will be putting one subject in each container for her to complete.

All About Alyssa
Right now as I type this, Alyssa is 3 years and 8 months old. She absolutely LOVES school and literally begs for school on a daily basis. She would do it ALL day if I let her. I am serious!  She is an avid reader. She loves everything reading, singing, dancing, art, math, etc! I believe her favorite subject right now has to be either Reading or Spanish. She is currently reading Aesop's Fables by Sheila Carroll and Reading Literature: The Primer by Harriette Taylor Treadwell (Yesterday's Classics).  These two books are read by her almost every night.  Her favorite story from the Primer is "The Pancake."  I love the way she reads it and hope one day to record it.  Daddy had the pleasure of hearing it last night.  

So here are our choices for this year ...

1.) Horizons K Reading and Phonics ... so far too easy ... hoping it will challenge her soon so that she doesn't get bored with it.  I also didn't realize it was so workbook intensive. She is in the phase where she likes worksheets, so we are good for now.  I place the worksheets in sheet protectors and use things like bingo chips and wikki sticks to give it some flare.  I am still on the search for an appropriate curriculum for her - no luck yet!  She adores the little readers. We snuggle up in a bean bag chair. I have her look at the title and picture to predict what the story might be about. Then, she reads the story for the day. There are currently no comprehension questions but I always make up a few and she does well with them. I have been adding in activities here and there to compliment the lessons to make it more hands-on.
2.) Itty Bitty Bookworm (Literature-Based Author Study)
We will try to study one author per month instead of the two listed to make it last longer and for a more in depth study.  This is the Year 3 Bo curriculum.  I waited and purchased during one of their BOGO offers.  
3.) Reading A-Z
4.) Read Alouds (Book Lists Available Online)
     MFW Kindergarten Literature Collection
     Sonlight Read Aloud Book List (Core A)
     Living Books Curriculum Book List K
     EpiKardia K
     Simply Charlotte Mason
5.) DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read)
6.) DORA Reading Assessment

Sight Words
Note: Since she can already read most of the sight words ... her goal this year is to learn how to also spell them and use them in context.
1.) Rainbow Words (more on this later)
She has already learned to spell the first color level of words and has received her reward.  The second color level is just as easy so I am sure she will complete that one soon. I plan to purchase the second level upon completion of Level 1.
Other Sight Word Resources:
2.) Ready2Read from Moffatt Girls
3.) Spell City
4.) Sight Word Games and Activities
*I would love to purchase Heidi Songs Sing and Spell!
1.) Explode the Code Book 1
I have a feeling she will zip through this book since she uses their online program. She passed their pretest in the book with flying colors. She is currently working on Lesson 6. She reads the directions to me and completes the pages without help.  I do supervise and watch for correct letter formation so that bad habits are not formed early. We place the worksheets in the Crayola Activity Center (used a Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon to purchase). 
2.) Explode the Code ONLINE (K-4)
She is about to start book two online.
Other Phonics Resources:
1.) AlphaPhonics 
2.) Frontline Phonics
*I wish I could try Rocket Phonics.

1.) All About Spelling Level 1
She knows most of the sounds represented in Lesson 1 and we are currently working through Lesson 4 to assess letter formation.  We play lots of games to help her learn the letter sounds represented in the AAS lesson and we use a lot of hands-on activities from HWOT to practice letter formation.

2.) Rainbow Words (see above ... more on this later)
3.) Spell City

2.) Handwriting Without Tears Get Set For School Pre-K (T, Th)
I believe Alyssa can already write almost all of the letters both capital and lowercase so I think she will zip through both of these levels if we consistently use them)
handwriting.gif     GSS.jpg

1.) Sentence School (HWOT - 3X  per week)
2.) Wordly Wise K (daily)
99_375_large.jpg    a772ccaaef653266b9d5421e.jpg

1.) Grammar Tunes (McGraw-Hill Reading and Language Arts)
2.) Grammar Tales (books)
3.) Sentence School (HWOT)
4.) Morning Message
5.) First Language Lessons Year 1 (Focus on Nouns/Poems)        
My hope is to find games and activities that compliment the
lessons taught.  Any suggestions?
6.) Homeschool Creations Poems for FLL

Poetry Binder
1.) K-1 Poetry Notebook created by Busy Teacher Printables
2.) Homeschool Creations Poems for FLL
3.) MFW K Theme Related or Seasonal Poems

Poetry Basket
2.) Idea borrowed from My Montessori Journey

Tentative Daily Poetry Activities
Mondays - Pocket Chart Choral or Shared Reading
Tuesday -  Highlighting Work
Wednesday - Cut Apart Envelope Work
Thursday - Retell with props
Friday - Share with Daddy (read or memorize) 

2.) Math U See Primer (Th, F, Sat. or Sun.) 
3.) Calendar Time (Spanish and English)
4.) DOMA Math Assessment    
index.asp.jpg     primer-instruct.jpg

Other Supplemental Math Resources:
1.) Math Mammoth Complete Curriculum or Light Blue Series
2.) Saxon, Mathematics Their Way, EB Singapore
3.) Math Tub Exploration and Discovery
4.) Math Games, Center Activities, and Gross Motor Acitivities
5.) School Bell's Number Tubs 

Bible (History and Science) - parts of each curriculum
1.) My Father's World K (M, W, F ... Science Animal Units) 
2.) Weaver Interlock (T, Th, Sat./Sun.)
3.) Little Hands to Heaven (supplement or morning devotional)

Nature Study 
1.) Nature Walks and/or Hunts
2.) Research and Living Books
3.) Anna Comstock Nature Book
4.) Handbook of Nature Study for Young Children
5.) Charlotte Mason Nature Study or Ambleside Nature Study
6.) Nature Narration, Journaling, or Scrapbooking

Holiday Study (9 Historic American Holidays)
I Love America Volume 1
I Love America Volume 1.JPG.jpg

Spanish (M, W, F)
1.) Sonrisas Spanish School Curriculum
This curriculum was recently updated and released in July.  I have been blogging and posting pictures about our experiences with this curriculum.  See posts here. Check it out!
2.) Thursday Bilingual Story Time at Library
3.) The Complete Book of Starter Spanish (Pre-K-1) and The Complete Book of Spanish (Grades 1-2).
yhst-58088773600178_2162_169588.jpg     ref=sib_dp_pt.jpg

Other Spanish Resources:
1.) Little Pim (DVD 5) We won this last year from their blog!
2.) Spanish Champs Level 1 - may use after or at the same time as Sonrisas (not sure yet).
3.) Muzzy (Alyssa likes this ...)
4.) Rosetta Stone Latin America
She will sit in while her father learns Spanish for his job. We found a deal at the HSBC - it continues until I think Aug. 11th.
5.) Mango Languages
This is a FREE online program available through our library (Check to see if yours has it or Rosetta to save money! This may
also be listed under computer or Accountable Kids ticket time.
Sign Language Resources (T, Th, S.)
1.) Signing Time Classroom Edition - Unbelievable Ebay deal!
Other Sign Language Resources:
1.) Wee Signs (ABC, Nursery Rhymes, Colors, Numbers, Animals)
OMG! I was at our local teacher store searching through their
60% off piles and I found three Wee Signs DVDs!
2.) Starfall Alphabet Sign Language
4.) Sign Language Wall Charts (in binder) and Books 
Centers (on days off or whenever time allows)
1.) Fine Motor Skills - Montessori Methods and 1+1+1=1
2.) Math Games
3.) Reading Games
4.) Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Fluency, and Comprehension

Computer Time (limit 30 minutes per day)
1.) Explode the Code Phonics (M, W, F) Book Two
2.) Reading Eggs (T, Th, S/Sun.) First round almost finished!
3.) Click n' Read Phonics (lifetime subscription) Please mention
my name Tracey Masters and they will pay a small referral fee so that I can eventually purchase Click and Spell.  Sorry I had to ask.
4.) Starfall (FREE sections)
5.) Mango Languages (FREE - any and all languages)

Creative Art (T, Th.)
1.) Artistic Pursuits K-3 Book 1
2.) Atelier Level 1 Module A, B, C
10_k-3_1.jpg     level-1-curriculum.jpg

Theater, Museums, and Galleries 
1.) Magik Theater Productions and Guides (plays on stage)
So far she has only seen Pinkalicious, but the plan is to purchase a family membership in August to save money in the long run.
2.) Field Trips

Art Appreciation and Picture Study
1.) Meet the Masters (3 Year Access)
2.) Child-Sized Masterpieces (AKA Mommy, It's a Renoire)
3.) Come Look With Me Series

Music (W, Sat. or Sun.)
1.) Music for Little Mozarts 
2.) Music Made Easy - Guitar Alpha Omega
3.) Pfeiffer Music Curriculum K-6 (lesson once a month)???
4.) Introduction to Classical Music with Art (Part of MFW K)
*I would love Kinderbach or the Pianimals curriculums!
Note: I am super excited! I made curriculum purchases with the credit card and then paid my hubby for it out of the school budget. When we use our TOYRUS credit card we earn cash coupons back.  I have been saving them up for months. Last night, they had 20% off all musical instruments so I took all 8 of my cash back coupons ($80) in to buy my daughter a keyboard for lessons for the first curriculum listed and eventually to use with Kinderbach once we can afford it. We got it for FREE! I love it when things like that happen.

ref=dp_image_0.jpg     ER2021_L.jpg

Physical Education (M, F, plus daily outdoor activities)
1.) The P.E. Challenged Mom (Activities and Sport Study)
2.) Family Time Fitness Core and Workbooks K 1-4
3.) Learning in Motion K, 1: Teaching LA and Math through Movement (found these both 50% at our Education Station)
4.) PE Connections by Thomas M. Fleming
5.) Ready-to-Use P.E. Activities (K-2) By Joanne M. Landy
6.) Swimming (Daddy is trying to teach her how to swim)
7.) Gymnastics OR Dance
*NOTE: The first two are on sale for a limited time now at CurrClick!!!! Family Time Fitness is also on sale at the HSBC this month only. 

25482.jpg     product_info.php.jpg

Typing - Considering Read, Write, and Type or Word Qwerty by Talking Fingers for use at a later time. What did you think?

Library Options (1X - 2X per week)
Choices depending on our schedule that week
1.) Canyon Lake Preschool Storytime (W)
2.) New Braunfels Storytime (T)
3.) Bulverde Storytime (M)
4.) New Braunfels Bilingual Storytime (Th) or
5.) Bulverde Bilingual Story Time (Th)

Chore Chart (Teaching Responsibilities ... Save Spend Donate)
1.) Accountable Kids ( I think they also give referral fees)
I really wanted to purchase this new and personalized, but when I found it on Ebay for a GREAT deal I couldn't pass it up. We may personalize it later. My daughter has been completing her chores off and on depending on how many tickets she already has on the board. She has been pretty consistent with it so far. She uses the tickets she earns after scripture time, after school, as a break from school, or before bed. I really just watch her and see how she is doing. We do not have the full system in play yet.  More later!


Ha ... ha ... ha ... I wish - That's so funny! This girl NEVER wants to nap and really never did when she was a baby. She has quiet time which is a time when she reads or plays with her other toys.

Now, if I only I could find a weekly lesson plan (planner) that works for me.  Satori Smiles recommended Homeschool Skedtrack on her blog.  I like the fact that it has an automated scheduling feature that enables you to easily reschedule everything once a lesson is missed.  I also LOVE her blog! I might try that?????? Suggestions?

I hope to hear from you soon!!!!
Thank you, 
Tracey M.


  1. Tremendous list. It might be the longest I've ever seen. Lots of great stuff.

    Accountable Kids is just wonderful! As are the Sonlight reads. ;)

  2. Giggly Girls - Lol! Yes ... it is a long list, but several subjects have supplementary resources. We will also use particular curriculums on certain days. I am currently working on a plan. Alyssa's does better and is well behaved on school days as opposed to FREE time ALL the time. She goes CRAZY! Alyssa loves school so I figure we might as well make the most out of it! I thought I'd list all of the resources in case someone was interested. We are loving the Accountable Kids chore system! I am hoping to blog about that on a separate day. I wish I could try Sonlight with Alyssa, but for now we will just check books out from the library and use it as a read aloud before bedtime, when she wakes up, and during the day. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you again!

  3. This is awesome! I don't even know where to start with my almost 3yr old. :( I'm so overwhelmed. I definitely want to look through some of your older posts and get some ideas. I feel like I spend hours and hours trying to find WHAT to do with him and don't want to do it wrong so I don't do anything. Great job in getting everything organized and planned!

  4. Lou-Ann,
    Hi! Thank you so much. I am so happy that you stopped by my blog. At first, I was also overwhelmed and I did the same thing. I knew I wanted to start but couldn't make up my mind. There was so much "eye candy" out there (and you are talking to an obsessed and dedicated educator) but I just kept collecting ideas. I told myself one day what good are all these ideas if I am not using them with Alyssa. I finally just jumped in and went for it - that was the same day I started with just one activity. Three blogs that were inspirations for me were 1+1+1=1, Homeschool Creations, and Confessions of a Homeschooler. I also loved My Montessori Journey. If you search through my old posts you will find links to my favorite and most helpful resources. I would say start out with the basics if you haven't already taught them such as colors, numbers, shapes, letters sounds, and letters. Keep it simple and fun ... you can always add on activities later. Phonemic awareness activities are a great place to start and make sure you read a lot of books aloud. My older (older) posts have basic thematic ideas. Keep in mind Alyssa was able to sit for long periods and constantly wanted to do more ... not all children with have long attention spans and not all children will react the same way. What types of activities have you done so far? Have you heard of Hope to hear back from you soon!

  5. thanks for entering my giveaway, I'm following you on GFC....I have to look into this homeschool buy thing a bit more! thanks!

  6. Eeek ... somehow I never got your comment in my email! So this reply is ridiculously late. My apologies for that!!!

    I didn't have a problem with the MFW 1st phonics, BUT dd had already completed the K, 1st, and 2nd grade levels of Hooked on Phonics when we started 1st grade, so it really just served as a review for her. I have heard some say it moves too quickly and others say is was perfect. I really think it just depends on the child. Maybe evaluate where your child is at the end of the K year and go from there.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and again, I'm so sorry I didn't get that comment and reply sooner!! :)