Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Montessori Print Shop Birthday Bash Celebration Fourth Giveaway

Helle everyone!  As I have mentioned in previous posts this week, Montessori Print Shop is celebrating their 8th birthday by having a huge giveaway celebration.  The prizes are a must for ANY classroom or homeschool environment (ha ... at least that is my opinion).
     I have been waiting for this giveaway to be posted ALL week.  It is by far the best one in my opinion.  Montessori Print Shop is giving away their Pink Blue Green Language Series Bundle and the DELUXE CD ROM COLLECTION.  You can read about this giveaway and see links to the other three giveaways here. I would LOVE to have access to their materials any time I needed them.  It would be very convenient to own the CD ROM and I know that we would definitely use the materials.  Alyssa and I use Montessori Print Shop materials to supplement her current curriculum. We BOTH absolutely LOVE the materials!  Please stop by their store to see what they offer - they may just have the perfect item you have been looking for to supplement a lesson.  If you want advanced notice of sales, giveaways, and coupon codes be sure to sign up for their newsletter.  They also have a blog and FREE resources.  The Frog Nomenclature Cards and Book are really neat and will be used during Alyssa frog unit. I adore their nomenclature sets and love to use them during Science lessons. I only wish I owned them all. LOL!
     Oh wow! I just noticed they have O'Keeffe Art Cards.  Alyssa and I just completed an art lesson in our Artistic Pursuits curriculum and the picture study was one of Georgia O'Keeffe's artworks.  I have to go print that set off now.  She will be thrilled to use them and see other works of art by the artist.  Gotta go! Good luck!
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