Monday, September 3, 2012

A is for America First

Have you subscribed to Heritage History's free e-mail newsletter? Heritage History will send you information on updates, featured products, and special discount offers. I am an e-mail subscriber and today I received a message containing a FREE Classical History E-book offer. This specific e-book, written by Evans, is titled America First and is available as an e-book download in PDF format. Here is a link to the Table of Contents for the book so that you can view what will be covered. Heritage History specializes in children's traditional narrative history stories. This is a great collection of interesting stories, biographies, and accounts of America's past which discusses early American heroes and heroines. This living book will make a wonderful supplement to our American History curriculum this year.  I am always keeping an eye out for products that will complement our studies. I love the fact that American Heritage color codes their products by reading levels! The color green indicates that a particular book is at a beginner's level for elementary readers. America First is meant for beginning elementary readers. I have several of their products on my wish list this year including the Young Readers Classical Curriculum Collection and the Early America Classic History Library. I hope to make purchases in the near future.
Heritage History.png
Oh ... before I forget ... have you heard about what they are doing tomorrow? They are hosting the Homeschool-a-Palooza event on Tuesday, September 4th - that's this Tuesday ... tomorrow night! Make sure you like their Facebook fan page and RSVP attendance to their Homeschool-a-Palooza event taking place tomorrow at 8:00 Eastern time. There will be several awesome giveaways for Heritage History, Apologia, and Bright Ideas Press curriculum. I hope to take a break from packing so that I can join the event. Will you be able to attend the event?

I will link this post at Blogging Through the Alphabet. Will you be joining us? We are focusing on the letter A this week. 

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  1. Great start to the blogging challenge. I just started too :) I'm going to check out that link. We do classical conversations so the classical ebook sounds good! Thanks.

  2. love Heritage History!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Thanks! Signed up! Love the Classical approach, I noticed on your Table of Contents link that the book was written in I instantly notice that the first chapter is about Lief finding America...originally. Things change in the modern history books.