Saturday, September 22, 2012

Candy Corn Math

Candy Corn ... You either love them or hate them. 
Do you like them? It is one of my favorite fall candies!

We went to my godmother's house for dinner last night. I noticed a bag of candy on her counter. I immediately realized that it was a bag of delicious autumn mix candy corn. My sweet tooth was politely telling me to "Eat just one piece." I know how bad they are for you ... they are full of sugar. I gave Alyssa one ... okay ... maybe a few. The next thing I know my godmother dumped them in a bowl for easy snacking access. We stood around the bowl eating them. Oops! They are sooo addicting.

The candy corn reminded me of the many math activities I did with Alyssa when she was much younger. I wanted to write a blog post about "Changes" for the letter "C" linky at Blogging Through the Alphabet, but I couldn't find the right words in time for the post. I gave it a lot of thought and figured it would be easy for me to search my favorites for the candy corn activities I found last year. Then, this morning, I received an e-mail of a fellow crew member's updated blog. She had posted a candy corn place value activity. That was it - it was a definite sign for me to prepare this post! We also just so happen to be working on place value today.

Even though candy corn is not a healthy treat, they can be used to teach a variety of math skills and concepts. Please browse through the ideas below and use what's best for your child at their level. Here is a conglomeration of FREE candy corn math resources that I came across during several late night searches.

I will begin with Jill's blog post which inspired me to write this post in the first place.

Fellow Schoolhouse Crew Members
Jill's Blessed Beyond a Doubt blog Candy Corn Place Value Activity and Candy Corn Numbers (the candy corn numbers could easily be used as a Montessori number and counters activity.)

Life With My Giggly Girls Candy Corn Math (scroll down)

Other Online Blog Freebies
Chasing Cheerios Spooning Candy Corn
It Doesn't Get Much Better Candy Corn Sorting
Mrs. Freshwater's Class Number Match Candy Corn Puzzles
Princess and the Tot Counting and Number Recognition
Chasing Cheerios Numbers and Counters
Kids Matter Letter and Number Candy Corn Learning
Can Do Kinders Pumpkin Math Mat and Ten Frame Cards
No Time for Flash Cards Candy Corn Counting and Addition
Primary Graffiti Candy Corn Fact Family
Oceans of First Grade Fun Candy Corn Math
The First Grade Parade Candy Corn Addition and Subtraction and Roll and Remove Game
Ms. Arnold Teachers Pay Teachers Part Part Whole
A Kids Math Online Candy Corn Addition Memory Game
Sassy in Second Candy Corn Teeth Math Facts
Primary School Suite 101 Several ideas
Jessica Todd at Teachers Pay Teachers Candy Corn Template
Ms. Preppy Place Value and Expanded Notation
Bishop's Blackboard Place Value and Candy Corn
Mathwire Fall Math Including Candy Corn Math (scroll down) and Candy Corn Bingo and Estimation Jar
Erica Bohrer's First Grade Candy Corn Estimation and Counting
Fuel the Brain Estimation
Kaija Purvis at Teachers Pay Teachers Candy Corn Estimation
Shari Sloane Candy Corn Graphing
A Mommy's Adventures Candy Corn Patterning
Ginger's 5K Daily Bread Measurement and Balance Scale
Homeschool Parent Candy Corn Graphing and Multiplication
The Homeschool Belle Candy Corn Multiplication Facts
Blogging With Bigler Multiplication

If you have any other candy corn activities to share, please provide the link in the comments section. There are many other candy corn math activities online, but I was trying to list only the FREE resources. I know I will be using several of these activities with Alyssa.

If you try any of these activities, please comment below and let us know what you did. I love to read comments and would like to know what you found helpful.

This post will be linked up at Marcy's Ben and Me blog as part of her Blogging Through the Alphabet posts. If you would like to join in the fun, we are focusing on letter "c" this week (ending soon). You can always link up and join us for the next letter on Monday. Click here to link up your ideas.
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