Saturday, December 5, 2015

E is for Elf-ed: You've Been Elf-ed

Now that Alyssa and I moved into a neighborhood, I would like to start a new tradition. I am hoping this idea will catch on and everyone will get involved. We live on a great street so I think it'll be a huge hit!

I first saw this idea on Organized Christmas, but I wanted to share the free printables, links, and ideas from other websites as well. You may have seen the same idea but it might have been called "You've Been Jingled or Claused"

The Idea
1.) Select two neighbors you'd like to surprise
2.) Prepare TWO "mystery" treats, baskets, or bags.
3.) Copy the poem and sign twice and include one with each treat.
4.) Leave the goodies at your neighbor's front door when it gets dark.
5.) Ring the doorbell, run away, and hide.
6.) Hope they continue the tradition. You'll soon see the ELF-ED signs posted in your neighborhood.
7.) Victims have 24-48 hours to deliver their 2 neighbor treats to those who haven't been elf-ed yet.

Organized Christmas
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You've Been Elfed/Jingled/Claused Pinterest

I started prepping the treats and materials. I will share a photo later once it's all ready to go. But, we won't ELF our neighbors until my daughter comes home on Monday. She definitely wanted to participate and join in on the fun. I wouldn't want her to miss out on this Christmas tradition.

So get read to spread holiday cheer! 
Go elf or jingle your neighbor! 

If you participate in this festive activity, please come back and comment. Please also share any links to printables you've made or found so that we can all use them this year!

I will link this post up at the Blogging Through the Alphabet Linky hosted at Adventures with Jude. We are focusing on letter E this week. The linky will remain open until Sunday so come join the fun!

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  1. What a great idea! We may have to do this...I can think of a few people in our street this would be great to show someone is thinking of them.