Friday, December 11, 2015

F is for Festive Tradition: North Pole Village

We focus on the real reason why we celebrate Christmas which is the birth of Jesus, but we also have other Christmas traditions we've done as a family for years. One of those festive traditions is to visit the North Pole Village in Canyon Lake. It was CRRC's 19th year to host the North Pole Village event. My daughter really enjoys meeting old and new friends. We get there as soon as the doors open to avoid long lines and large crowds.

Santa was the first stop. Alyssa never wants to sit on Santa's lap, but she did this year and asked for a special gift. Will she get her wish?

She decorated her 3 cookies with frosting and sprinkles at the Bakery. She ate all of them!!!!! I know . . . but it's only once a year - right! 

One of her favorite places to visit is the North Pole Petting Barn. This year they brought friendly dogs. Alyssa would have stayed in that building ALL night if she was allowed to. She LOVES animals! This dog was especially adorable. I think it reminded her of our dog Mustang.
Alyssa and Jasmine
SO CUTE!!!  
This was her first time getting her face painted at the Elves House. In the past, she would pay for her father's face painting, but since we are no longer together she started a new tradition and allowed them to paint her face. She said it was cold and made her face feel weird. It easily washed off that night.

The children either decorate a bookmark or an ornament each year at the North Pole School House. This year it was a double-sided bookmark. Her little friend sat with her at each activity. 

Next stop was the North Pole Church to hear a retired teacher read aloud a book about the first Christmas. Alyssa gave her a cinnamon stick treat after the sweet read aloud. 

This was just a fun shot of Alyssa posing in front of one of their pretty trees.

Another favorite place for my daughter to visit is the Library. Alyssa chose a Magic Tree House chapter book this year titled, Blizzard of the Blue Moon. She actually found one that we don't own! She already started reading it.

Even though she has way too many stuffed animals, I always allow her to visit the Toyland to chose a friend to adopt. She'll be donating bags of stuffed animals before Christmas too. She named her bear Rosey.

They visited Santa's Post Office where they wrote and mailed a short letter to Santa.

They also had Frosty's Ice Fishing for Rice Krispy Treats, Christmas carol singing, hay rides headed by Tractor Rudolf, and a live Nativity play. The children's passports were stamped as they participated in each activity. Alyssa did shop at the Country Store and left with $2.00 worth of candy sticks. She bought the same thing last year. We had a blast with our friends! It was full of fun and laughter. It was definitely worth the hour drive. We used to live right around the corner but we recently moved out of town. We ran into old friends and continued those memory-filled traditions.  

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