Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Virtual Refrigerator: Swan Love

My daughter is fascinated with the details of adult coloring book illustrations. She's been experimenting with gel pens and colored pens as she colors. She recently surprised with a special gift. She brought home a picture of a swan she colored for me. She said she colored the picture section by section over several days using an assortment of colored pencils. Do you see the hidden heart by the swan's neck?

I have so much love for my little girl! I appreciate every single one of her homemade gifts. Thank you Alyssa! I can see your hard work and attention to detail in this beautifully colored swan. Thank you for taking the time to color it especially for me. I hung it up on the refrigerator. Can't wait until you come home!  


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  1. Very sweet! I'm fascinated by adult coloring books too. Thanks for sharing this on the Virtual Fridge!