Saturday, October 8, 2016

Virtual Refrigerator: Tween Craft Bookmark Day

Our local library recently held a Tween Craft Day. The children were making a variety of bookmarks. The assistant provided a wide variety of options. The crafts were a little advanced, but all the children used their creative skills to think outside the box.

My daughter visited the help desk for assistance with making a Monster bookmark. She ended up teaching other children by the end of the workshop. We are hoping more Tween Craft Day events will be organized in the near future. Alyssa enjoyed the challenge and created many different unique bookmarks.
Assistant teaching Alyssa the Folds
Ready to Create Other Bookmarks
Glass Gem Paper Clip Bookmark  
Character Paper Clip Bookmark
(Harry Potter)
Moster Corner Bookmark
Taking Charge
Teaching Another Child

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  1. Love that she was immediately ready to help other kids! I especially like that Monster Corner Bookmark. Thanks for linking up to the Virtual Fridge!