Friday, January 27, 2017

B is for Bagged Adjectives

Bagged Adjectives is one Grammar activity that I love using when teaching children about adjectives. First, the child chooses an object to place inside the bag. It can be any item found around the house or classroom. Brown or white paper lunch bags work well with this activity. Then, the student writes a list of adjectives describing the object on the front side of the bag and reads it aloud. Next, other people will try to guess the object inside the bag based on the adjectives stated aloud. You can even add on a Yes No Question Game where the other children can ask up to 10 Yes or No questions about the object for additional clues. That's it . . . super simple. I highly recommend the use of thesauruses for this activity to enrich vocabulary skills.
Sealed with Tape
Object Inside the Bag
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