Friday, January 6, 2017

Our Christmas Kitten: Meet Gypsy

My daughter begged me for a kitten for Christmas. It was a very hard decision to make. I hope everything works out so that our home can be her forever home. I wanted to surprise Alyssa with a kitten, but I decided it would be better if we chose one together. After visiting the animal shelter several times, we added our names to a waiting list to adopt one of two cats. Both cats were adopted over the weekend. One was over a year old and looked like Gypsy. She was a very gentle and affectionate cat, but did NOT play at all. The other kitten had strange bloating medical issues. 

A neighbor friend asked me what kind of cat were were looking for one day, because she saw one at the vet's office. We wanted a female calico kitten. We quickly hopped in the car and headed over to the vet's office to see the rescued kitten. My neighbor said we might be interested. We were pleased to find a female tortoise kitten. This kitten was found on the side of the road wandering about as a baby kitten around 5-6 weeks old. So, we decided to adopt her and give her a home. Alyssa named her Christmas kitten Gypsy.    

She was calm, skittish, and playful at first. Now . . . she is one wild kitten who attacks and bites! We are trying to train her NOT to bite all the time. We are still learning how to handle her wild kitten behaviors. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. 
Meet Gypsy
Gypsy Finds a Owner and Home
Relaxing First Couple Days Home
She had diarrhea and blood in her stools.
Waking From a Nap


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  1. Tracey--how exciting for y'all! Congrats on that sweet new kitty!

    I didn't reapply for the Crew this year so I'm glad I can keep up with you & your family via Bloglovin.

    Bless you!