Friday, July 14, 2017

Apple Jack Cookies

One winning recipe that we recently made in our home are the Apple Jack Cookies from our Home School in the Woods American Revolution study.

I've never made or tried these unique cookies before but I am glad that we were introduced to them. These cookies were such a hit with my family and friends! They were scarfed down and didn't last long. These cookies would be perfect for a Christmas cookie swap. They taste like molasses or gingerbread snap cookies. Oh so goooood! At first, I was a little worried because the cookie dough was dry and thick. In the end the cookies were moist and plump. I was super happy with the results! These are worth making.

If you want to use the recipe we used it can be found in the American Revolution study available through Home School in the Woods. You can read my review about our experiences with this wonderful History unit by clicking the link above. 

Online Apple Jack Recipes to Try: 

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