Saturday, September 23, 2017

Belize Armadillo

Last week I shared a Haitian Market Art project with you from Alyssa's new homeschool geography curriculum. This week she finished another neat project. We were studying Belize and the featured craft was an armadillo. The author, Carol Henderson, also provided the user with the step-by-step directions, artwork printables, and a link to learn more about armadillos in Belize. We are familiar with and have seen many armadillos, because we live in Texas.

The Armadillo of Belize is a easy craft suitable for all ages. It took her about an hour to complete this project. We gathered the materials needed using the supply list. We did NOT have any Bubble Wrap so we used a small, round sponge brush to create the armadillo armor. 
  • White and Brown-Toned Cardstock Paper
  • Grey or Brown Paint
  • Bubble Wrap or Round Sponge Brush
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick 
  • Tape

The first step was for me to print the the artwork printables on sturdy cardstock. The printables are provided for Let's Go Geography users in the Printables section of the file. The armadillo was printed on brown-colored cardstock and the background was printed on white cardstock.

The next step was for Alyssa to color the background as a dry, earth scene using blue, green, and earth-toned brown colors. She wrote Belize at the top of her paper using a red crayon.  

Then, she cut out and assembled her armadillo using tape and a glue stick.

She dabbed the brown paint on the armadillo's armor using her round sponge brush. The armadillo will need a few minutes to dry before handling it.

My daughter used a glue stick to attach the armadillo to the colored background.
Featured Craft:
Armadillo in Belize
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