Friday, October 13, 2017

Above Average Dice Game

Learn Math Fast is the curriculum that we are using this year. My daughter is zipping through the first volume. She reviewed previously learned information about how to find an average or mean this week.

The book sent us to their website to play a game called Above Average Dice Game. This Math game is suitable for children in 1st through 8th grade. The previous link offers a video showing you how to play and provides you with a free copy of the score pad to print. You'll need two players for the game. This simple game encourages your child to practice addition, multiplication, division, negative/positive numbers, and finding averages.

After watching the video, follow the steps below:
1.) Print out the score pad. 

2.) Find 2 six-sided dice.

3.) Roll the dice and multiply the two numbers.

Note: Beware of double numbers. If you roll double numbers you must subtract the number from the score. If the score ends up negative, then you get "0" for that round. 

4.) Write the number on the score pad in the blue box.

5.) Take turns rolling and writing numbers in the blue boxes for the first round. 

6.) Add the two products together for Round 1 to find the total. It will be written in the blue box in the right-hand column. 

7.) There are 2 rolls for each round. You'll play three rounds having a total of 6 rolls.

8.) This process continues for three rounds. The boxes are color-coded to help you.

9.) You will add the three total numbers for each round (blue, purple, and gray boxes). Write it in the green box. 

10.) Each player must then find the average score. After the child has added the three totals together, then the sum in the green box must be divided by 3 to find the average. Write the average in the yellow box.  

Note: The mean or average may be in decimal form and might have repeating numbers. I asked Alyssa to round the number to the nearest whole number to practice rounding skills too. 

Sorry about the shadows in the picture. I will link this post up at Blogging Through the Alphabet hosted at Hopkins Homeschool. This week "Letter A" is the focus. Come join the fun and share your blog posts!


  1. Always good to have a game to add a hands-on aspect to math. - Lori

  2. Sounds like a fun game! I haven't heard of this curriculum and am wondering if it can help us fill a few holes. Going to check it out - thanks for the heads up and thanks for linking with us!

  3. What a fun game! I need to check this out for my kids! Thanks for linking up with us!

  4. It looks like a fun game. I really want to try this at home with my nephew. I enjoy these kind of activities as they make our bond stronger. I always share my experience whenever I get a chance. Similar to this activity, I recently tried another activity like this. Watch video for assistance and it is free to download, fun and very easy to play.

    Thanks for sharing :)