Saturday, October 7, 2017

Greenland's Snowy Owl

The featured craft last week was one of Alyssa's favorites. We were studying Greenland. My daughter learned that Greenland has many "snowy" animals in the cold Arctic climate and that it is one of the largest birds in the area. Her Geography curriculum, Let's Go Geography, provided an educational website link about snowy owls for her to further explore.

The steps to this project were easy. The most confusing part was the directions for the owl template. First, we printed the printable artwork pages on cardstock to serve as templates. She traced the limb and eye outlines on yellow and brown construction paper. My daughter glued the brown tree limb to the black construction paper. Then, the owl template was cut out and arranged on top of the tree limb. Alyssa used a cotton ball to blot white paint inside the owl template. The owl template was removed leaving an owl image on the paper. The artwork dried for several hours and then she added the facial features using a black marker and the circle eye cut outs. The wings were dabbed on using brown paint and the end of a celery stalk. The final step was to draw white stars using a crayon and write Greenland at the top of her paper. I think her snowy owl turned is super cute - there's just something about the eyes.

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