Friday, January 19, 2018

Making Hasty Pudding

My daughter recently studied the 13 Colonies and the Colonial Time Period in History. We found a Hasty Pudding recipe in one of my teacher resources that she wanted to make. The teacher resource was titled, History Pockets: Life in Plymouth Colony. She also learned some background information about Hasty Pudding. Did you know that early settlers ate Hasty Pudding every day and sometimes it was the only meal they ate for months?

We already had all the ingredients which made it easier. I asked her to spilt the recipe in half so that it wouldn't make as much. The recipe was intended for an entire classroom. She ate the Hasty Pudding as part of a meal.

Here are some snapshots of her making the Hasty Pudding. She had fun and loved the taste of it. Of course they recommend that you add a little dark brown sugar or maple syrup to the recipe for more flavor. She is hoping to make more Colonial Times recipes next week. I am including a link below to a recipe for you try with your children.

Hasty Pudding Recipe Link
Just a Pinch Recipe Club - The ingredients and quantities are the same as the recipe we used.

Have fun!

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  1. I love seeing kids in the kitchen cooking and wearing their cute little aprons. I have never heard of hasty pudding before. My son has always loved learning history. We'll have to look this up. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. So proud of her to tackle something new in the kitchen. So many are scared of that. Glad that her attempt was a tasty one. - Lori