Saturday, January 27, 2018

N is for No-Bake Cheesecake

My daughter doesn't like regular cooked cheesecake. One day I decided to make her my mom's No-Bake Cherry Cheesecake for dessert. My mother used to make this cheesecake all the time as a special treat for us.

This cheesecake calls for one or two blocks of cream cheese, one or two 8-ounce container of original whipped cream, lemon, vanilla, sugar, and cherry topping. The mixture was dumped into a 9" graham cracker crust. I am particular about brands that I use, but you could use any brand.

We always made this dessert by taste so it always tasted a little different each time we made it. Some days it tasted more like a sour lemon. Other days we added a lot of sweet vanilla. It could even be made thicker with more cream cheese or fluffier with a little extra whipped cream. Sometimes I experiment with other extract flavors and toppings too. You DO NOT bake it. I love that I just mix all the ingredients and throw it in the fridge. We usually wait a couple hours before eating it.   

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  1. So yummy! I need to try and make one of these :-) Thank you for joining us this week!

  2. I like no bake cheesecakes, but don't like cherries, so I usually eat it plain or with another fruit like blueberries.

  3. Quick, simple recipe. I bet it is yummy! - Lori