Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Goal Planning Monday - Week 74

Mama Manuscripts has created a meme titled, Real Life Unscripted, as a linky to post your weekly goals.  Let's see which goals I met or accomplish last week ... if any.  Just kidding! 

Goals Last Week
  1. I will use Map Trek at least three times on our camping trip. DONE!  We used our Map Trek map collection four times during our camping trip.  Yah!!!!
  2. We will complete a few Math, Bible, Reading, Geography, and Spanish lessons during our trip. MOSTLY DONE!  We completed all subject lessons except for Spanish because I forgot the calendar, CD, and collage materials.  Alyssa completed two Math lessons and watched her Mathtacular DVD several times.  She also read the Bible daily with me as planned in Diana Waring's History curriculum.  She also did Reading lessons at least three times during vacation. We added in some unplanned Science fun!
  3. I will write my camping post during vacation and take photographs for the Schoolhouse Blog Cruise. PARTIALLY DONE!  I wrote camping post ideas on paper, researched related links for more camping ideas, and took many, many photographs.  I even stayed up late the night we returned home from camping in hopes to post it early but was unable to edit the post due to an unexpected trip to Houston (nephew was born).  I missed the Blog Cruise deadline but will eventually finish writing it and will post it soon.  
  4. We will read from the Bible as a family every morning. DONE!  Alyssa and I did this daily and daddy joined us occasionally.  I am considering this goal as accomplished because I forgot to tell hubby about my plans.  
  5. I received my Child Training Bible kit and supplies right before vacation.  I will assemble and use it during our vacation as both a resource for discipline issues and character study. DONE!  The Child Training Bible is assembled and was used during vacation.  There were discipline issues that came up and needed to be addressed.  The Child Training Bible Kit was very helpful in regards to discipline issues.  
  6. I will return library books before we leave so that I will NOT accrue unnecessary late fees. DONE!  Daddy returned the library books for us in time.  
  7. Clean and prepare the house in case there are any showings.  I need to organize Alyssa's toy room better.  The house goes on the market today. DONE!  I am so glad that this goal was accomplished.  The entire house was ready for any possible showings.  We got lucky ... well, I wouldn't call it luck ... we prayed and God answered our prayers.  The house showed once while we were on vacation and once during our Houston day trip.
  8. I will schedule and plan my July blog posts.  I will aim to blog daily or at least three times a week. MOSTLY DONE! I started to plan blog posts but due to unexpected travels I am now behind on my posts.  I do have plans to get at least three posts up this week before I have reviews due in July. 
  9. I will work on reviews in written form. DONE! I continued working and writing my reviews on paper.  I now have to start working on updating blog posts and making changes.
  10. I will read many books aloud with my daughter.  DONE!  We read a lot every single day.  She also read independently.  We all took turn reading during this vacation.    
  11. I hope to RELAX a bit on vacation.  Last week was very hectic and stressful for our family.  Tension and emotions were high.  We had a close friend pass away and a ton of house projects that needed to be done in time for professional shots. NOT DONE!  I didn't feel relaxed this week.  I tried - honestly.  I had too much on my mind and was busy all the time.  The house projects caused me to get behind on other goals I had for the month.  
  12. I will spend some quality time with my husband and daughter. DONE!  I did spend quality time with family but not as much as I would have liked.  Still compared to previous weeks - I will consider this goal accomplished.
  13. I will start writing at least 5 goals and several categorized goals for the entire month of July. NOT DONE! I did not spend enough time with this goal.  I have too many things I would like to accomplish and need to limit my goals so that I don't get frustrated with myself when they are not met.  I jotted down a few goals and then never touched the paper again.
  14. I will start reading for personal enjoyment this week. I have two books I have been wanting to read.  NOT DONE!  I had good intentions and brought the two books with me but I never had time to read them. 
This Week's Goals
  • I will work on blog button and aim to have one by next week. Wishful thinking - I know.  I may need some technical help or advice with this goal.  
  • I might work on my Facebook fan page but I would like my button done first. 
  • I will workout at least 3-5 times this week for a minimum of 30 minutes.  I have been slacking with my workouts for two months now and have put the weight I lost back on ... all 12 pounds.  I no longer fit in any of my clothes or bathing suit and refuse to buy another bathing suit.  I am very frustrated with myself for not working out as planned. 
  • I will complete and post my camping article before you hear back from me next week.
  • We will purchase several exterior plants for curb appeal.
  • Alyssa and I will attend the library event on Wednesday and have a much needed play date with friends at the library. 
  • I will update and continue editing my Schoolhouse Crew reviews for July.
  • I will hopefully figure out Rafflecopter for an upcoming giveaway.
  • I will place an order for our All About Spelling curriculum.  
  • I will do a cleanse to rid toxins from my body.  I have been eating many unhealthy foods and my sugar cravings seem to be out of control this month.  I don't feel like myself lately and several people advised me to try a cleanse.  We'll see!  
  • I will budget and decide whether or not we have the funds to purchase Lamplighter books for Christmas before the coupon code expires on July 8th.  Several selected books are 20-30% off and only $5.00 flat rate shipping.  Visit the Lamplighter website if interested in this offer and don't forget to sign up for their newsletter.  They often send discounts to newsletter subscribers. 
  • I will purchase a wedding gift for Vanessa and Keith's bridal shower this weekend.
  • I will complete Alyssa's recital post by Wednesday ... oh man ... I just realized that is tomorrow.  I have my work cut out for me today and tonight. 
  • I will continue using and reviewing products as required in our Schoolhouse Crew Review handbook.
  • I will contact Brooks about Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum and possible reviewers. 
  • I need to learn how to take screen shots.  Does anyone know how to do this? Do you have a tutorial to help me.  I would like to take screen shots of Alyssa's online programs to post in my blog reviews?
  • I will post my goals for this week before the week is over - ha ha ha!
I think I better stop there ... I want to be successful this week!

I'm linking my Goal Planning Monday post with others at Real Life Unscripted. They are on week 74 but this is only my 2nd week to participate. Feel free to click the button below to join us!


  1. I'd love to hear about what kind of cleanse you are considering/doing? I need to do something for myself as well but I'm not sure where to begin so I'm cutting down on sugar and gluten (that I seem to be reacting to). I probably need to throw in a few herbs or something to cleanse as well, though.

    I look forward to hearing more about what you think of the Child's Training Bible.

    We just added a few plants, both interior and exterior plants. It makes such a difference.

    I hope you have a great week!

  2. I am currently trying Enzymedica Candidase cleanse - my husband bought it at a natural food store. I haven't noticed any change yet except maybe less bloating. it has only been a few days. I'll let you know more if I noticed dramatic results. I also cut down on sugar and carbs this week. I am also eating more protein and veggies.