Friday, October 26, 2012

Thursday Quick Tips: Toasting Biscuit Leftovers

Thursday Quick Tips

Hi everyone! I am a day late with this post. It is difficult at times to create fancy lunches every single day. In fact, I must admit our lunches aren't that fancy at all most of the time. Alyssa asked me to serve her a breakfast meal for lunch yesterday. My Thursday quick tips are to occasionally substitute regular breakfast meals for lunch or dinner, to use your leftovers, and to try toasting sliced biscuits. 

The other night we made biscuits with our baked chicken dinner. We refrigerated them in a baggie and pulled them out for lunch. I made scrambled egg and cheese biscuits. I sprinkled freshly shredded Colby cheese on top of the scrambled eggs until it melted. The taste changes depending on what type of cheese you use on the sandwich. We have tried many different types of cheese. 

This meal is also good with fried eggs and a slice of American cheese. We don't usually fry our eggs in a lot of oil or butter. We usually spray a tad bit of Pam in the pan, use a tiny bit of Canola oil, or possibly a sliver of real butter on special occasions. 

I usually place the biscuits in the microwave or oven for a few seconds, but I remembered that I could use my toaster to quickly reheat them. I sliced them in half and plopped them in the toaster. They tasted great! Alyssa definitely did not complain and scarfed her food down which is unusual for my dawdling eater. She enjoyed strawberry vanilla organic yogurt and fresh strawberries as part of her meal. It was way too much food for her little belly so I was able to thankfully eat the leftovers.

Note to Self: Clean toaster better.
I scrambled two eggs for her but she always thinks it is just one. It won't all fit in the biscuit. Hopefully, she won't read this.  
This is so good mommy. (It was quick and easy to make).
I will link this post at Marcy's Ben and Me blog under her Thursday Quick Tips blog post series. Her linky closes in three days. Please feel free to come over and join in on the fun! What quick tip would you like to share with us? 

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