Friday, April 26, 2013

Random Five on Friday (April 26th)

1.) I saw an awesome recipe for Crock Pot Boneless Country-Style Ribs at Miranda's blog, The Pebble Pond. I decided to give it a try for my hubby. Jeff loves BBQ. I am glad that I tried the recipe, because it was seriously delicious! I used Original Masterpiece BBQ sauce, because that is what we had on hand. My family doesn't eat onions. After I cooked the meat in the onion for several hours, I removed them before adding the sauce. I also cut off all the fat and shredded the meat before adding the sauce. We ate it on wheat hamburger buns. Be careful not to cook too long after adding the sauce . . . it can burn. Jeffry called me saying he was going to come home an hour later than expected and I forgot to stir it. Some of the BBQ sauce stuck to the bottom and was overcooked. And that my dear . . . is how you overcook a crock pot meal. Hee Hee. 

2.) We went into town again last night to choose fireplace rock, entry lights, and accent paint colors. We still can't find rock that will look good with the color theme of the house. YIKES! We are also having a hard time finding an entry light that will work with the cedar beams. We didn't leave or look at paint colors. We finally made a decision about a dining room chandelier, the master bath mirrors, and front porch lights. My husband hopes to focus on the classroom next week. They were adding AC material on Wednesday. Jeffry plans on scrubbing down the bathroom floor and shower tile so hopefully I will have a few photographs to share with you all next week. He will finish up grouting the floors soon.

3.) We recently started reviewing two new products. My daughter is enjoying the one-on-one attention she gets during her Level 3 Scaredy Cat Reading System lessons. We also fell in love with a certain recipe from Simplified Dinners by Simplified Pantry. You must read my review next month to find out which outstanding recipe we will use repeatedly. My husband already asked me to make them again this week. Check out the list of meals that are included in this e-book when you visit the website.

4.) My Cinco de Mayo "Spotlight on the Crew" article will go live on May 2nd. Please check the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog on that day! Here is the direct link but it won't go live until the date mentioned above. I hope you will head over to read it. I am super excited! There will be several activities for you to do with your children. The Schoolhouse Review Crew has a special "Spotlight on the Crew" Pinterest board where you can read previous articles written by featured crew members.

5.) I am still dealing with emotional issues about my step father's death. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am very thankful for fellow crew members and friends who have offered their condolences and prayers. Many people have come forward providing a listening ear during the grieving process. I dealt with several different emotions and stages of the grieving process this week.

I will link this post up at Random 5 on Friday hosted by Miranda at The Pebble Pond. Please join the fun and link up your random five thoughts, facts, or occurrences. Thank you for visiting A Learning Journey. I would love to hear from my readers, so please feel free to leave a comment so I can visit your blog. 


  1. Glad you liked the ribs! :)

    1. Thank you for sharing the recipe! We LOVED it. It is already on the menu again this week.