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Easter Celebration: Rabbit Ear Decorating Contest

I know Easter has been over for a couple weeks now. But, I really wanted to share our experiences with everyone even though I am a little behind with seasonal posts. I still have a few Easter posts I would like to write this month.

Every year we visit our friend's house to celebrate Easter with their family members. A contest is held during their celebration. We eat a deliciously large feast. I had the chance to try smear butter for the first time. It was YUMMY! I'm working on getting the recipe from Nelson. We has a wonderful time!

This year's contest was to create rabbit ears to wear during the meal. After the meal, everyone was required to present their rabbit ears. We vote and score each of the creations after all of the presentations are completed. There are prizes and ribbons for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

To my surprise . . . Jeff got 3rd place and won a Duck Dynasty mug. Alyssa won 2nd place and won a Duck Dynasty character with a light up beard. I won 1st place winning a Duck Dynasty talking alarm clock. Can you tell that they are all huge Duck Dynasty fans?
Two of the Prizes
The best thing about winning first place is that I am in charge of the contest next year. I am thinking about hosting an egg decorating contest. I am thinking it must be a 3D egg. It can't be rotten or raw. You won't be allowed to use the painting kits in the store.

Do you have any fun contest suggestions for me?
What should be the rules and stipulations?
What prizes would you purchase?  
I would LOVE to hear any and all suggestions! 

It's time to see a few of the rabbit ears we created for the party. Let me know which one was your favorite in the comment section at the bottom of the post. 

My Rabbit Ears
I tore the inner white felt ears off a second pair of rabbit ears I found int eh clearance section. I hot glued them into the furry ones. Then, I cut out felt jelly beans and glued them onto the ears.

I created jelly bean poem bags for each guest at the party and printed a larger poster copy of the Jelly Bean Poem to read aloud. I also printed the corresponding scripture references to match the jelly bean colors. I held up a real jelly bean as I read each color coordinated scripture verse. 
Jelly Bean Prayer Favor Bags
with Jelly Bean Scripture References
My daughter colored a cross jelly bean prayer for me to prop up during my presentation. I placed a jar of jelly beans in front of me. I tried to focus on the real reason why we celebrate Easter.
Jelly Bean prayer Cross
Jelly Bean Color Scripture References - Still searching for post
Jelly Bean Poem Printables - The ones I used are no longer available

Additional Jelly Bean Prayer Poem Printables
Alyssa's Rabbit Ears
She learned how to use a small hot glue gun. She glued colorful flowers around the edge of her ears. 

This was her rabbit ear presentation:
Easter comes in the spring when colorful flowers bloom and baby bunnies are born. I have a dance I want to perform for you. It's called "This is the Way the Bunny Hops." 

She sang the song without music and danced a little jig. At the end of the presentation, she shook her booty with a rabbit tail bath sponge attached in everyone's direction. She said, "I know you like my bunny tail - would you like one of your own? Then, she handed each person a bag of bunny tails while saying, "Hoppy Easter." I seriously thought she would win. It was adorable! 

You Tube Video That Inspired Alyssa's Song and Dance Routine

Bunny Tails at Live Laugh Rowe

Additional Bunny Tail Bag Printables
Jeff's Rabbit Ears - 3rd Place
He used his new bike helmet, duct tape, and old television rabbit ears.

Other Rabbit Ears
Check out the rest of the rabbit ear entries. I love celebrating with such a fun group of creative people. 
Poor Nelson!
His ears fell part before presentations.
LOVE how Pam comes dressed in full costume.
Lopsided Ears
Teresa made egg earrings for the guests (Left).
Rockin' Rabbit Ears (Right)
Princess Rabbit Ears (Right)
Duck Dynasty and Chicken Rabbit Ears
The Family Easter Egg Hunt
This year every person brought 12 eggs filled with family-oriented treats for the Easter Egg Hunt. We ALL participated!
My Beautiful Girl Collecting Eggs
Hey . . . Alyssa's basket matches her shirt (unplanned)!
Silly String Attack
Prepping for our Easter Feast
We are at the end of the table.
My hubby was stealing Easter eggs. 
Williams' Duck Dynasty Camo Ears
"I'm Hunting for Wabbits!" 
Group Shot (Minus Me)
I hope you enjoyed visiting A Learning Journey! How was your Easter? Did you post any fun photos? Did you have any contests? What are your favorite Easter traditions?  

I will link this post up at Paradise Praises Share Your Stuff Tuesday

God bless, 

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