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Homeschool Mother's Journal: The Busy Week in May

What's New in Our Life This Week?
It has been a busy week. We have so much going on right now between homeschool, extracurricular classes, family activities, purging belongings, preparing for my niece's visit, writing reviews, and reading everything in sight.

Where We Went . . . 
We went to the theater to see Heaven is for Real. It was a great family movie! Yep, I cried.

We went to see Pinocchio at the Magik Theater in San Antonio. It was funny.
Credit: Photo From Magik Theater (San Antonio) Website
Grateful For . . .
God's Forgiveness, Mercy, Grace, and LOVE
Fast UPS Deliveries
Curriculum Blessings and Giveaway Winnings
Friends who are still friends no matter how much time has passed since our last visit
Husband's Safety 

Praying For . . . 
My Marriage
Our Curriculum Choices
All Mothers
All Home Educators
Husband's Health - He's sick this week! 

Wondering . . . 
How my sister-n-law and her twin girls are doing.

Homeschool This Week . . . 
Bible and History
Character Training- We started a new character training curriculum called Little Lads and Ladies of Virtue. The review will hopefully post tomorrow or sometime this week. The ease of use is a sweet blessing. Thankfully, it is scripture-based. We are discussing the Bible verses that she memorizes.

We have been using Classical Composers Monthly and several different art DVD's. Check out Alyssa's turtle drawing!

Language Arts: Writing, Grammar, Spelling
Grammar - Alyssa has been reviewing adjectives, nouns, adverbs, articles, commas, and verbs while integrating that knowledge into her poetry and writing assignments. She also completed the second grade (added components) to the IXL program. Months ago they added new material, but the entire grade level has been completed again. She is zipping through the third grade language arts. 

Poetry - We are still having a blast writing poetry! I posted Alyssa's Acrostic and Cinquain poems if you are interested in reading them and seeing what we did. She is currently working on a Father's Day poem. She plans on writing my niece each day during her visit next week. 

Spelling - I was contacted by Spelling You See. I was offered the chance to review their brand new spelling curriculum. We chose Americana and it recently arrived in the mail! We started the third lesson. Things are going smoothly. We became familiar with the method quickly. The review will post in August. 

Simple Schooling Classroom
Alyssa has been reviewing material in her Let's Learn About Bug units. She actually completed both bug units and started learning about mammals too. She recently learned about the botfly. Gross!!!! I visited several You Tube videos to learn more and was disgusted. Have you ever heard of a botfly? Check out the following videos. Please watch videos BEFORE allowing your children to view them.
Literature and Science
Since Alyssa completed her phonics curriculum early, we've been SLOWLY working through her Black Beauty literature and horse lapbooks. We are both eager to begin a new literature lapbook. Her chapter summaries are improving. She is focusing more on the important chapter ideas.

This week we talked about plot. She's trying to write a summary by focusing on the beginning, middle, and end key events. She also answers comprehension questions after reading non-fiction passages from a teaching resource book. I have her mark the evidence for the answers in the passage.   

She's been learning about horse care, training, horse uses, horses power, and this week we also discussed horse breeds.

I am using the following lapbook resources:
These resources have kept us busy for a long time. I can't believe Alyssa is still interested in learning about horses. We only have one more page to complete in the HOAC project pack. We talked about Chapter 44 today. There are 49 chapters in the book so we still have a bit more to do.
Our Nature Finds
Back Porch Nest
The mama is VERY protective and attentive!
Can you see the bird? 
On Our Front Door
Outside the Classroom Door
Looking for Food
I am confident that my daughter has a strong foundation in Math - thanks to Math-U-See! She's been multiplying three and four digit numbers by three digit numbers. Word problems have been easier. She knows the difference between prime and composite numbers now. She completed GAMMA!!!

Alyssa is also using A+ Interactive Math Online (2nd grade) as a review to maintain skills. She's completed the 11th chapter test with a 100%. She's been working on geometry concepts, equivalent fractions, and algebraic expressions.  Here is my review of the 1st grade online curriculum if you are interested in reading about our experiences.

She also hit a Dreambox Math milestone months ago. She is currently working on 3-5th grade concepts and completed the K-2nd grade curriculum levels. We are using this program less and less since they changed the program.

She started using Ten Marks Math this week. I am having a difficult time getting her off the computer now. She seems to be motivated by the certificates, percentages, rewards, characters, and points. See the link below for a special FREEBIE deal!!!!!
One of Alyssa's favorite subjects is Math - can you tell?

Extracurricular Activities
She attended her weekly piano and dance classes. They are practicing dances and recital songs in preparation for the June recitals. Alyssa received her second costume which is adorable. We found out the dance company wants the children to wear make-up and no under garments. Jeff and I decided that Alyssa will not be wearing make-up and will be wearing her undies. They do a clothing change in between performances and we aren't comfortable with the "no panties" rule since we aren't allowed in the back to help. Her last dance class is the performance so we are looking into summer physical activities now.

Her piano teacher started giving her two songs to learn each week. She also asked Alyssa to play a solo song at the recital a couple weeks ago. Yesterday, she announced her decision to perform a solo! YAH! I'm thankful that her confidence with the song has gone up. She also has several more weeks to practice it.   

Whew . . . that's just a small sample of what's going on in school here!

What We're Reading
She finished reading Magic Treehouse Station Starlight, Horse Heroes, Horse Diaries Elska, Horse Diaries Maestoso Petra, Horse Diaries Koda in addition to a zillion other horse books. I requested Susan Marlow's Circle C Beginning Series and thankfully the library bought them. Alyssa and I finished the first book and we are more than halfway through the second one. We are reading these books aloud since I've heard so much about them. THANK YOU Tye Preston Library! Here is a pic of a few books she's reading.

Alyssa has also been reading through the set of books we won written by Carol P. Roman too. She sent us the pirate book series, the yoga book and mat, and her "If You Were Me and Lived In . . . " series as a giveaway prize. My favorite is the geography series! Thank you Carol Roman! It is truly a blessing.

My Book List
What I've Been Rereading

Speaking of books check out a recent deal I came across for only $5. The Alice in Wonderland book alone was being sold for $5 a couple weeks ago, but I was able to snatch all of these books for the same price. Now . . . where do I store them?

What I'm Listening To . . .
I'm listening to Kari Jobe, Jamie Grace, and my new favorite Carly Rose Soneclar. I have been listening to many X Factor performances by amazing singers. Let's just say I've cried a few times this week!

What We're Baking . . . 
We made moist and sweet banana nut bread. I froze two mini loaves to pull out during my niece's visit next week.

Random Five: Weather This Week . . . 
Rainy, Windy, Humid, Sunny, Hot - yep that about sums it up!

Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies Worth Checking Out
TenMarks Math Program - They are offering a FREE summer Math program. I signed Alyssa up! She took the assessment and made a 100% for that particular grade level. She's reviewing concepts and skills using different approaches and methods. We are really liking this program. It's a nice change for the summer. They have concept videos, a reward system that can be customized, certificates, and games. She's asking to use it during her free time.

Little Lads and Ladies of Virtue Launch Homeschool Giveaway - I wanted to share this giveaway in case you missed it. Visit my blog or click on the image below for more information and to enter for your chance to win! Pin the following image for all your friends to see.

A+ Interactive Math Online - 3 months FREE Math 4 Summer deal. If you are already a subscriber, then send them an e-mail. We received our activation code and are waiting to redeem it until needed.  

The Old Schoolhouse (TOS) Summer Celebration Bundle

Thank you for visiting A Learning Journey!

God bless,
Tracey M.

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