Sunday, February 22, 2015

Virtual Refrigerator: Valentine's Day Teacher Card Crafts

Alyssa enjoys creating gifts for others. This year she made adorable Valentine's Day card crafts for her dance and piano teachers.

Materials Needed
Construction Paper
Colored Pencils
Glue Stick
Heart-Shaped Stickers

The first card was given to her main dance instructor. The front said, "Happy Valentine's Day! Bee Mine." The back of the card said, "Thank you for "bee-ing" a great teacher!" We found out that her teacher actually LOVES bees after giving her the card.
The second card craft was give to her dance teacher assistant. It was a cat Valentine that said, "You are the "purrfect" teacher!" on the back of the card. She signed her name in cursive since she's been learning cursive letter formations.

The last craft card was made especially for her piano teacher. She cut out a large red heart and glued it on a piece of white cardstock. Then, she folded the card in half. She drew a piano note on the front using colored pencils and heart-shaped stickers with a To: Mrs. Lu note. The inside was actually a pop-up card! She wrote, "You make my heart (sticker) skip one beat! Happy Valentine's Day!" I love the play on words! She also drew a musical note on the pop up area using colored pencils and heart stickers.
This was a fun, creative activity we did as part of Alyssa's Valentine's Day countdown. She also made Valentine goodie bags for her dance classmates, but I think I forgot to photograph them. I'll post the pics if I find any.

Helpful Websites That Inspired Our Projects
Crafty Morning - "Bee Mine" Valentine's Day Craft
Crafty Morning - "Purrfect" Valentine Craft

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