Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Masterpiece: Caribbean Lighthouse

One of our favorite Creating a Masterpiece projects was the Caribbean Lighthouse using acrylic paints. We didn't have the highest quality acrylics, but we loved how the project turned out. It was so colorful!

The project also taught concepts such as reflection, positioning, perspective, and color mixing. Alyssa enjoyed adding details to her masterpiece too. This art project was divided into four distinct lessons and was further broken down into shorter video segments. This was my daughter's first serious attempt at painting on canvas.

I will link this post up at The Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop. I will also link this post up at Blogging through the Alphabet. This week the focus is on Letter M. I am combining my Letter L (Lighthouse) and M (Masterpiece) posts this week since we were sick last week. :)


  1. She did a great job on the lighthouse!! Kennady did a lighthouse too, and it's one of her favorite projects from CAM so far. Thanks for sharing Alyssa's on the Virtual Fridge!