Saturday, April 22, 2017

N is for The Plate from Nepal

You'll need a 10" heavy duty paper plate, fine tip black permanent marker, and acrylic paints for this cool Nepal Plate art project. First, we learned about Nepal and Mount Everest using the cross-curricular educational links provided on their website. Nepal is a country between India and China.

Then, the video took us through the bird drawing process after the grid drawing and relaxation exercises. As we watched the video presentation, the term "motif" was explained and then motifs were drawn on the feathers and plate border. A motif is a repeated pattern.
Grid Drawing Exercise
Relaxation Exercises
Drawing the Border
Final Black Marker Bird Drawing
Alyssa also learned about warm and cool colors this week while completing her ArtAchieve Level 1 The Plate from Nepal art project.
Plate from Nepal Final Art Project
Using Acrylic Paints

I will link this post up at The Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop. I will also link this post up at Blogging through the Alphabet. This week the focus is on Letter N. Check out all the posts!
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  1. That's really pretty! Great job, Alyssa! Thanks for sharing it with us on the Virtual Fridge

  2. We loved doing this art project. She did a wonderful job.