Saturday, August 19, 2017

Shoe Taxonomy Exercise

Alyssa and I are gearing up for the new school year. We recently received the Exploring Creation with Botany Lapbook from A Journey Through Learning to review. My review for the lapbook will post at the end of this month so visit us again soon so you can read about our experiences.

I already owned the Exploring Creation with Botany textbook so I decided to purchase the Notebooking Journal to use in conjunction with the two other resources. Alyssa is having a blast learning about botany. 

She recently completed a Shoe Taxonomy exercise. She pretended to be a taxonomist. First, she gathered one shoe from several different pairs and placed them in a pile on the floor. She thought about the taxonomy system. Then, she organized the shoes into four broad kingdoms giving each group a name. After doing that she divided the group into two phyla for each kingdom, two classes for each phyla, and so forth. There was a notebooking sheet found in her journal to organize her thoughts. 

The book challenged her to indicate a genus and species for one shoe using binomial nomenclature This activity encouraged deep analytical and critical thinking skills. She would also look at the shoes and compare and contrast the similarities and differences.

Overall, it was a fun activity. I am glad that I bought the notebooking journal too. It provides the child with notebooking sheets for the corresponding activities mentioned in the textbook.   
What a mess!
Kingdoms Divided
Sneaker Kingdom
Phylums: Laced and Velcro
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