Thursday, May 17, 2012

A "Cat"astrope ... well not exactly

We decided to drive into town to stock up on groceries Tuesday night.  We ran inside Polly's Pet Store so Alyssa could adore all of the cute animals.  We left the store and a few minutes later we heard a man in the street calling out to several teenagers.  He was asking the teenagers to help him catch a kitten in the busy parking lot.  I pointed the kitten out to my hubby and he jumped out to help.  He crawled underneath a truck and held her close to his chest.  She was filthy, hungry, thirsty, and shaking with fear.  The day before it rained extremely hard so of course she was covered in dry mud.  The gentlemen said thank you and walked away.  My husband asked, "What about your kitten?"  He said, "It's not mine ... I just didn't want it to get run over."  My husband knows that I am a cat lover so he hesitated for a moment before coming over to the vehicle.  He carried the adorable black and white kitten to our vehicle and asked me what to do.  I had know idea what to say but I wanted to say let's keep it but we recently had to put a dog to rest and had to find a home for our other dog who was extremely depressed and lonely after Jade's death.  We gave the kitten some water and milk.  Oops ... apparently you are not supposed to give kittens human milk.  As we drove down to the Polly's Pet Store - only to find out that they do not take stray cats.  They willing shared information on how to care for the kitten.  It has been years since Jeff and I had a kitten in the house.  They told us that she was about 6 1/2 weeks old and unfortunately, she was covered in fleas.  My husband did not want another animal a couple weeks ago but this sweet kitten found a special place in his heart.  He saw how happy she made Alyssa and I so he ended up buying a cat box, litter, and food.  She ate a ton of food and drank what seemed like a gallon of water.  We set-up the kitty litter box and put it on the floorboard by my feet ... I am so lucky.  LOL!  She actually figured out the kitty litter box quickly.  On the way home, she fell asleep in my lap as I stroked her belly.  It was hilarious!  Her mouth was wide open, tongue sticking out, and she purred so loud that Alyssa heard her in the back.  She was exhausted and most likely glad to have a safe place to sleep after a fulfilling meal.  Our home will be her temporary home for now until we decide whether or not we'll be able to keep her.  The first night we were told to give her a bath in BLUE Dawn to help kill the fleas.  It was a very interesting family affair.  The kitten did pretty well considering the circumstances.  She immediately calmed down when I talked to her and held her head.  She even let us blow dry her fur without scratching us to pieces.  I clipped her nails and she played hard with Alyssa ALL night.  Alyssa could not focus on anything else the next day - the kitten was a huge distraction during school time.  She is a very active, playful kitten.  She's full of spunk and oh ... what a great climber - smart too.  So, that is what is new around here.  I am just curious ... what would YOU name this kitten.  We are thinking about naming her Oreo.  Isn't she adorable?


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