Monday, May 28, 2012

That Resource Site

Today I am featuring a website called That Resource Site.  Some of you may have heard of it before while others it will be a newfound website to explore during the wee hours as I have done many times. It has a ton of outstanding resources for homeschooling families and teachers.  Please consider a donation if this resource is beneficial to your homeschooling needs.  It is not required at this time but would help maintain the website and free access.  

Here are just a few printables worth looking at:
1.) Literature-Based Montessori Cards for the Burgess Bird Book and Aesop's Fables
We have been using these for quite some time now.  We originally started using the Aesop Fable Cards while reading Aesop's Fables by Milo Winters.  It was a supplemental resource I used during an Epi Kardia curriculum review.  Alyssa matches the moral of the story to the illustration.  I plan on using the Burgess Bird Book cards and other resources as supplements mentioned on the website for our nature study and science lessons this year to compliment our Apologia Flying Creatures book.  They also have dinosaur, plant, and art Montessori Cards.

2.) Spelling Worksheets and Yummy Daily Spelling Lessons - We use the spelling assessment sheet quite often and Alyssa corrects her spelling paper. They also have word art spelling and spelling detective sheets.  The Yummy Daily Spelling Lessons are meant for grades K-3.  There are spelling and phonics lessons including passports, stickers, flashcards, word strips, game cards, and so forth.

3.) Copywork Pages for writing the morals for Aesop Fables and Burgess Bird Book quotes in cursive and print.

4.) Timelines - We used the Timeline of Old Testament with the Epi Kardia curriculum.  It can be used with other Bible-based curriculums.  I removed any cards that I did not want to use with Alyssa.

5.) Learning Cards - They have cute flashcards for math, language arts, literary genres, and cards for animal classification.

6.) Language Arts Posters - We stored these posters in Alyssa's Language Arts binder and review when necessary during copywork or lessons.

7.) Chores Charts and Heath Charts for Water Consumption - We tracked how much water we drank as a family.

8.) Virtue Lessons - I will be using some of these pages this year during character study or habit formation lessons.

9.) Big Books of Narration Nature Study and Classic Literature Titles
Progress Sheets for Parables from Nature, Mother Goose in Prose, and Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare

10.) Lapbook Templates - A Handful of templates to satisfy your lapbooking or notebooking needs.

11.) Flashcard Games - Hexaflash Addition and Subtraction looks like fun fact family practice!

12.) Addition and Subtraction Games - We really liked the Handy Carpenter game.  I made this game long time ago but we did not have a label or a name for the game.  This year, when we read about Mary and Joseph at Christmas time we played this game and printed the label for our container.    

There is so much more to see and read on this website but this will get you started.  I should warn you that some links on the website currently not working properly ... I tried to link to several other items without luck.  I have checked the ones mentioned in this post. Navigation can be hard at times.  Have fun exploring!  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about the resources and how you might use them.  What was your favorite resource?  

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